Minutes of PC Meeting 27/03/2023.

Minutes Uploaded on April 20, 2023


Public time



Held in the Village Hall on Monday 27th March  2023 at 7.30pm


PARISH COUNCILLORS        Mr. John Gilbert, Chairman

Rev. Deborah Perreau, Mrs. Cressida Govier-Drake. Mrs Di Hine, Miss Sue Pargeter & Mrs. Louise Simmons.

Dr. Colin Ryall, Messrs. Ed Cockburn, Ian Croucher, Ian Stonex & Ian Whitehead,

Also 4 members of the public.    Mrs. Anne Hunt – Clerk,

            Jenny Kenton and Martin Wale (County and District Councillors)

98/2022-23           DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST




Martin and Jenny have been to various training sessions with regard to the new Somerset Council which starts officially on 1st April.  Most services should continue as now, but with one service point.

During the Planning discussions, Jenny gave details of the new arrangements for Planning in the future.  It will be divided into 4 areas, and we should be dealing with the same Officers as now.  Each district will have its own Local Plan. Yeovil will cover this area.  Parish Councils should have much more say re those applications going on to Committee for decisions.    If the Parish Council wish to speak at the Committee stage they must register 5 days before – as will members of the public.  3 minute rule applies when speaking.  If an objection is made the Parish Council will be expected to turn up at the meeting.


100/2022-23         MINUTES

The Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 27th February 2023 were approved as a true record and signed


101/2022-23         PLANNING

  • App.22/03510 New House Farm, Combe Wood Lane. Demolish garage, redundant chimney and extension, construction of 2-storey extension garden shed and detached double garage. No objection
  • App.23/00256 Land adjacent Pear Tree, Wadeford Hill. Erection of dwelling and detached garage (pursuant to lapsed outline consent 18/00746) Concerns about water run-off from Haymaker through Pear Tree to Coverack below. Currently surface water seeps into ground but some form of slowing needed by means of attenuation pond etc.  No hard surface. 8 in favour of application, 2 against and 1 abstention.
  • App.23/00428 Isle Barton, Woolhayes Lane, Pudleigh. Erection of single storey porch. No objections.
  • App.23/00567 Land adj. Three Corners, Stoopers Hill. Erection of triple detached garage. Object – Unanimous.
  • Info. from Somerset County re new Planning Procedures from 1st April to be circulated to all PCs/



Shopping list of items required previously circulated – to use the grant being supplied by Somerset Prepared.   Flood Warden Kit bags (list of contents supplied) at £147.60 each x 3 (incl. VAT) All agreed.


103/2022-23        HIGHWAYS

  1. A discussion held re getting drains or other highways works carried out by private companies,
  2. lengthsman-type plan. Highways to be contacted to ascertain when outstanding drainage faults might be repaired.
  3. b) Due to recent heavy rains a large puddle has developed on Whiteway – drain blocked?
  4. c) A358 – the plans for up-grading are currently being delayed.
  5. d) The sink hole in the Pretty Oak Main, near Belcombe Drove has been filled


104/2022-23         MOORMANS

Some enquiries have been made, but more still required re the type of tenancy required. – discuss again at next meeting


105/2022-23         VILLAGE HALL

The Grant details for the replacement roof and solar panels has unfortunately been rejected due to the length of lease time remaining, but others are being applied for.  A good response received to the appeal for donations towards the roof.


106/2022-23         FINANCE

The following payments were approved and will be paid via Internet Banking/Cheque

£32.99.  Mrs A. Hunt (broadband and paper costs)

£293.00.  Mrs A. Hunt (salary Feb. less tax)

£20.60.  HMRC (Income tax due re Clerks salary 3 months)

£18.00.  Village Hall (March PC mtg)

£150 + £30 VAT = £180.00. M & D Hine (hedge cutting Combe Wood Field)


107/2022-23         GENERAL MATTERS  

  1. Coronation of King Charles III on 6th The new beacon site at the top of Stoopers Hill will be a casual event     A social event in the Village Hall on Sunday evening to watch the national concert – own drinks and nibbles.
  1. Playground at The Lawns visually checked. Slat on one seat needs fixing.
  2. Next Agenda item – request for possible monetary help towards the Lego Club, currently held monthly at Methodist Church
Combe St. Nicholas Parish Council