Village Hall Groups & Clubs

Village Hall Groups & Clubs

Regular Village Hall Activities:


          Pilates. Monday from 11:15am.  Contact Annabel Kent on 07470 079498.  TBC.



         Upholstery.  Tuesday 10-1pm.  Contact Helen Rose on 01460 62621.

         Keep Fit. Tuesday 6-7pm.  Contact Kelly Leigh on 01460 929147.  TBC.



        Parent & Toddler Playgroup. Wednesday Mornings 9-11am.  Contact Tamsyn Froom on 01460 67240.  TBC.

        Combe Cafe. Wednesdays (not 1st Wednesday of month) from 9:00am until 2:00pm starting with breakfast then lunches. Great way to meet fellow villagers.               See Village Community Facebook pages for weekly updates re menus, or contact Heather Margetts on 01460 66743.  TBC.


          Age Uk. Toe Nail Cutting Service.  Contact Age Uk to make an appointment.  10 – 3pm.

          Short Mat Bowls from 7pm. Contact Harry Platt on 01460 62780 or David Selley on 01460 61527.



         u3a Yoga Classes.  9 – 1pm.   Contact Kay Mendison on 07712 182485.

         SAX22.  6:30 – 10:30pm.

         Folk Dance Club.  (Alt wks) 7:30pm.  Contact Hillary Mead on 01460 61996.  TBC.





      Art/Painting. From 10am.  Contact Ian Whitehead on 01460 64607.

      Short Mat Bowles. From 2pm. Contact Harry Platt on 01460 62780 or David Selley on 01460 61527.


Other regular clubs include:


Flower Arranging with Jackie Nicholls. Award-Winning Floral Designer.

Ashville Design  01460 67795. email:  

Click Here for her Website:

Gardening Club.  Contact Rob Grimmond on 01460 261234.

History Group.  Contact Anne Hunt on 01460 61296.

Local Ladies.  Contact Lynn Osborne on 01460 62015 or Anne Hunt on 01460 61296. 

Parish Council.  See Parish Council on this website for more information.

Wadeford Charity Book Sale.  Contact: Moira Vaughan on 01460 261950.



Combe St. Nicholas Parish Council