Oil Co-operative

Oil Co-operative

Oil Co-operative. 


The objective of the co-operative is to enable residents of Combe St. Nicholas Parish to buy heating oil at bulk purchase prices. Orders will be taken every two months.

The co-ordinator will give details of order dates in Cloverleaf magazine and on this website.

The cut-off dates for orders for 2022 will be: 10th January, 7th March, 9th May, 4th July, 5th September and 7th November. any changes to these dates will be posted in Cloverleaf and on the website.

Anyone who wishes to place an order should contact the co-ordinator and tell them how much oil they need. The minimum order is 500 litres. If you wish to fill the tank, please give an estimate of how many litres will be required. It is important to do this for the purpose of negotiating price. The amount of discount will depend on the number of orders placed.

After the relevant cut-of date, the co-ordinator will ring suppliers to find out who will provide the best price. They will then place an order and advise the supplier of the number of drops required and the names and addresses of purchasers.

The co-ordinator will advise each purchaser of the name of the supplier and the approximate delivery date. After delivery, the purchaser will receive an invoice. Payment can be made by cheque by post or by card over the telephone. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to make payment direct to the supplier.

The co-ordinator does not handle any money whatsoever and simply liaises between purchasers and suppliers.

Please note there is no fee for membership or placing an order.

To place an order, please contact Kay on 01460 261234 or send an email to motcombe@btinternet.com (stating contact details and amount required)

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