Short Mat Bowls

Short Mat Bowls

Short Mat Bowls

Combe St Nicholas Short Mat Bowls Club “If you wish to enjoy a social sport, then Short Mat Bowls is your game”

Playing venue, Combe St Nicholas Village Hall.

WEDNESDAY  7.00pm TO  9.00pm, AND FRIDAY  2.00pm TO  4.00pm

The Club has resumed playing sessions at the Village Hall after the lengthy Covid break. Common sense precautions are still being observed, and it is up to each individual to decide if they wish to wear a mask.

We have been delighted to welcome new members. Should you wish to “try your hand”, simply turn up at one of our sessions, you will be made welcome. The club will provide woods and tuition, to give you a feel for this social sport. The first four sessions are free as a taster, and thereafter a pro rata annual subscription of £10.00 and £3.00 per session.

David Selley, Club Secretary, July 25th 2021.


The club welcomes new members, and to this end we will be delighted to see you.  Simply turn up at one of our sessions. when you will be introduced to the sport. Tuition will be provided together with bowls/woods and friendship. The first four sessions are free as a taster, thereafter the charge is £3.00 per session and an annual pro rata subscription of £10.00.

Watch this page from time to time for further details.

For further information please contact either…….

Harry Platt                     Tel:  01460 62780                        email

Madeline Price             Tel:  01460 61032                        email






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