Minutes of PC Meeting 28/11/2022

Minutes Uploaded on January 18, 2023

Public time – Details regarding an application for bridleway through Chilworthy Avenue to be included on the Definite Map were given.

Update re latest developments in field off of Whiteway but no planning application yet received.


Held in the Village Hall on Monday 28th November 2022 at 7.30pm

PARISH COUNCILLORS        Mr. John Gilbert, Chairman

Rev. Deborah Perreau, Mrs Cressida Govier-Drake, Mrs.Di Hine, Miss Sue Pargeter.

Dr. Colin Ryall, Messrs. Ian Croucher, Ian Stonex, Ian Whitehead,

  Also   Mrs. Jenny Kenton and Mr. Martin Wale (District Councillors) and 4 members of the public.

 Mrs. Anne Hunt – Clerk,

      Apologies – Mrs Louise Simmons, Mr. Ed. Cockburn

A minute’ silence was held in memory of John Cockburn who died very recently.  John was a Councillor in the 1980s and 90s and Chairman and retired in 2003. 

64/2022                 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST



Martin Wale (District Co.) A new council tax reduction scheme was passed last week for certain sections – universal credit, low incomes, etc. depending on circumstance, also care leavers and carers.  2nd home owners will pay 100% council tax from next year, and no discount for empty properties.

The Octagon Theatre in Yeovil has been awarded £29m for extensions and upgrading.

Jenny Kenton (District Co.)  Children’s’ Scrutiny Committee presentation by Shaw Trust to keep children in care in Somerset and stop them being housed miles away.  As a start the Council has purchased 3 large family homes due to open in May.


66/2022                 MINUTES

The Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 24th October 2022 were approved as a true record and signed


The next Community Resilience committee meeting to be held in January.  A form will be printed in the Cloverleaf magazine for residents to fill in and volunteer.

Successful public meeting held on 7th November 46 people attended. Various information given, and Emma Giffard of Somerset Prepared gave details regarding Riparian ownership along the river/leat areas.   Questions and suggestions followed.

Flood Mitigation work still ongoing – lagoon, etc will happen but slowly.  Some residents still have fears of another flood and memories of the past.   An application was made to Somerset Community Prepared and a grant has been awarded – there is a need to match-fund.  A list of various items needed were discussed – pumps, generator, etc.  PCs asked to consider purchasing Sandbags/equivalent (for emergencies).  A store would be needed in 2 locations – upstream and downstream   Hydro-snake, water barrier?  Hiring the equipment is a possibility re pumps, etc.  Councillor Perreau will get more information and report back to Emma Gifford of Somerset Prepared.



Councillor Ian Stonex gave an update relating to all the works being carried out at Burnside, Court Mill Lane, by civil engineers trying to unblock river through garden and culverts.  80 meters of the river is now `de-watered` with 4 pumps running 24hours a day probably for 4 weeks at least.  Once they can see the inside of the culvert and collapsed manhole repair work can commence – possibly completed by mid-Jan.

WARM HUBS – Somerset Community Foundation.  Various suitable locations discussed – School suggested, hours? – if needed during cold weather.   Maybe neighbours will help each other re meals,


68/2022                 COMMUNITY MINI-BUS

 Following on from information given at October meeting, the insurance cover needs more information, and will be circulated when known.


69/2022                 PLANNING

  • App.22/02683/LBC The Old Farmhouse, Clayhanger. Replace barn door to window to match existing barn windows. Fill driveway to match existing. No objections
  • App.22/02821 Wadeford House. Change of use from mixed agric. and equestrian uses + extension to open shed for stabling. No objections
  • Appeal – Decision made re Land adj. Three Corners, – Appeal dismissed re balcony and canopy.


70/2022                 THE LAWNS

The loose wood surrounding the slide has been removed.  The beech tree has been trimmed. The chicken rocker still needs attention.


71/2022                HIGHWAYS

One of the Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) have been installed at the bottom of Combe Hill and is working well.

The drain grid at the south end of The Buttle will be re-designed to stop the leaves blocking the flow, as soon as Highways can arrange it.

Councillors Deborah Perreau and Ian Whitehead will check some water leakage in Court Mill Lane.


72/2022                 SCHOOL GOVERNOR VACANCY

 Information given re Vacancy on Combe St. Nicholas School Board of Governors.  No-one available at this time.


73/2022                 FINANCE

It was resolved to pay 50% of the 2022 costs for the upkeep of the Churchyard, amounting to £1340

Half-year allotments rent received.

Precept – Following circulation of yearly figures and discussion regarding future financial projects, it was resolved to increase the Precept to £20,000 for the year 4/2023 – 3/2024, especially in view of the unknown increase in costs due to current fuel prices and inflation.

The following payments were approved and will be paid via Internet Banking/Cheque

£31.70                         Mrs A. Hunt (broadband and postage costs)

£293.00                      Mrs A. Hunt (salary Nov. 2022 less tax)

£40.50 + £58.50       Village Hall (Nov. PC mtg and Resilience Mtg+ refreshment costs)

£45.00                         Cloverleaf Magazine (insert re Resilience items)

£3082.80                    B. Powell & Sons (Grass cutting The Green/The Lawns/Stoopers Hill

£48.65                         Ian Croucher (repay cost of traffic visibility mirror Fair Close)

£220.50                      Mrs Purcell (Allotment rent – half-year)

£1,340.00                  P.C.C. (Upkeep of the Churchyard Section S.137)


74/2022                 GENERAL MATTERS  

Monday 8th May will be an extra Bank Holiday, following the Coronation of King Charles III on 6th May

Chairman John Gilbert wished everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Combe St. Nicholas Parish Council