Minutes of PC Meeting 28/02/2022

Minutes Uploaded on March 23, 2022


Held in the Village Hall on Monday 28th February 2022 at 7.30pm


PARISH COUNCILLORS        Mr John Gilbert -Chairman

Miss Sue Pargeter, Mrs.Di Hine, Rev. Deborah Perreau

Messrs. Ed Cockburn, Tony Sauer, Ian Stonex, Ian Whitehead

    Also     Anne Hunt – Clerk,

Apologies – Councillor Ian Croucher, Martin Wale (District Councillor) Jenny Kenton, (District Councillor

DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Ed Cockburn, re App.22/0 0329 Amended Garage at Ridgeleigh, Chardleigh Green.    Prejudicial


75/2021-22                       COUNTY & DISTRICT COUNCILLORS REPORT

Martin Wale (District Co.) – Report attached to minutes – re SCC budget/precept figures considered and SSDC final budget.


76/2021-22                       MINUTES

The Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 24h January 2022 were approved as a true record and signed.


77/2021-22                       RECENT FLOODING EVENT IN PARISH

Follow on from Public Drop-In meeting re Flooding held in Chard – A Flood Resilience Group is being set up in Chard, with initial/information meetings arranged for 1st and 8th March.

Following info being distributed to residents of our Parish connected with flooding, 3 residents have volunteered to come forward to help with a scheme in Combe St.Nicholas Parish with 2 Parish Councillors – Rev, Deborah Perreau, and Tony Sauer.  Others will help if they can.   List of vulnerable residents in the Parish may be required in case of emergencies

Flood Warden.  A meeting has also been set up with the Flood Warden from Martock, arranged for 17th March


78/2021-22                       PLANNING

  • App.21/02590/1 LBC Forden, Wadeford. Installation of open car port structure. No objections
  • App.22/00054 Willhayne Farmhouse. 24 ground mounted solar panels on 4 frames. No objections
  • App.22/00252 Chilworthy Cottage, Chilworthy. Erection of detached timber carport with ancillary room in the roof. No objections
  • App.22/00329 Ridgeleigh, Chardleigh Green. Construction of detached garage, alternative design to that approved under permission 19/02401 No objections. Councillor Ed Cockburn took no part in decision.
  • A caravan has been parked just inside a field gate on Whiteway. The owner informs that it is purely there when sheep need any attention. After checking with Planning Dep storage not need permission, but if caravan is lived in overnight then permission is required.


79/2021-22                      THE LAWNS

Work is due to start today to install the climbing frame and sky-rail, plus moving the `springers` to a new position near the swings.

They will also give a quote to renew the timbers around the current safer surfacing on the rest of the equipment, and have suggested a grass mat be put over the top.   The chain link fencing on the north side of the play area will be re-wired through the top to strengthen.  The Cherry tree near the notice board was removed – thanks to John Gilbert.    Discussion re New trees to replace the ones lost over time to be considered, especially to commemorate the Queens Jubilee

Meeting arranged on site for Thurs.3rd March.


80/2021-22                       DROP-BOX 

This is a restricted computer programme to allow photographs and documents to be kept and if necessary distributed.. Resolved to start this, but it can be withdrawn if necessary.


81/2021-22                       HIGHWAYS

Pudleigh Lane still has a problem with hidden potholes when under water.

A drain cover has disappeared along Sewerage Works Lane..  Highways informed.


82/2021-22                       QUEEN’S 70TH JUBILEE PLANS

 Various events are being arranged over this extended 4-day Bank Holiday, at Football Club, The Lawns, Parish Church, Underway Meade and Village Hall.   Full programme attached to these Minutes.


83/2021-22                       FINANCE     

 a) The following payments were approved.


Mrs A. Hunt (postage/broadband. costs)                                            £30.00

Village Hall (Jan & Feb meetings)                                                          £34.00

Paul Maple (repair of public seat in Combe Wood)                        £50.00



83/2021-22                       GENERAL MATTERS –

  1. Environmental Agency not able to visit Brocole Lane due to Covid, but reminder now to be sent.
  2. Due to high electricity costs, PCC looking at ways to reduce the floodlighting times for the Church. Use of LED lights being investigated
Combe St. Nicholas Parish Council