Local Flooding Resilience Group Needed in Combe St Nicholas, Can you help

Local Flooding Resilience Group Needed in Combe St Nicholas, Can you help

Good evening everyone,

We would like the benefit of your advice and local knowledge.

In January there was a presentation at Chard Guildhall to outline the proposal for Neighbourhood Resilience Network.  This would include the means to help in the aftermath of and prevent further flooding.

At the Guildhall there were a number of agencies present, including:

  1. Helen  Smith Service Manager – Flood & Water Management, Community Infrastructure Commissioning, Somerset County Council
  2. Emma Giffard  Community Engagement Officer, Somerset Rivers Authority
  3. Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA)
  4. South Somerset Area Highways
  5. Somerset Local Authorities Civil Contingencies Unit
  6. District resilience group
  7. South Somerset District Council
  8. Chard Town Council
  9. Wessex Water
  10. Devon Fire & Rescue Service (In the room)

All of these agencies support the move to a Local Resilience  Network and Combe St Nicholas Parish Council would like to be one of the PCs in this Network.

There is the possibility of assistance from these agencies in the form of technical advice, practical get your hands dirty help and funding from Local and National sources. 

All of the foregoing will be aimed at Resilience Groups with a plan.  Those PCs who just put in a request for help or money without a Resilience Group will be at the back of the queue.

To help Combe St Nicholas Parish Council put a coherent plan together we need the knowledge and advice from local people.  Unfortunately, especially from those who have experienced flooding.  If you are able to help in this matter then a bit of your time will be welcome. 

With your ideas the Resilience plan will have the greatest potential to succeed. 

Now to get a plan in place to avoid being full of good ideas in hindsight after the next problem.

Please let me know if you would like to help with your knowledge and advice or there is a Parish Council meeting on Monday 28th February, at 7.30pm in Combe St.Nicholas Village Hall, which is open to everyone.

The first part is always `Public Time` and if you would like to discuss or find out more you are very welcome (you don’t have to stay for all the meeting)

Kind regards

Tony Sauer


Tel/Text 07983 088312


Combe St. Nicholas Parish Council