Minuets of PC Meeting 24/07/23.

Minutes Uploaded on August 20, 2023

Public time   –


Held in the Village Hall on Monday 24th July 2023 at 7.30pm

 PARISH COUNCILLORS:  Mr. Ed Cockburn, Chairman. Rev. Deborah Perreau, Mrs. Cressida Govier-Drake, Mrs Di Hine, Miss Sue Pargeter, Mrs. Louise Simmons, Dr. Colin Ryall, Messrs.

Ian Croucher, John Gilbert, Ian Stonex, Ian Whitehead,

Also,   Jenny Kenton and Martin Wale (County Councillors), Mrs. A. Hunt – Parish Clerk


23/2023                 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST

24/2023                 COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT

Martin reported that a public access point will be fitted in libraries for phone/personal contact.  An eel recovery project releasing 8000 glass eels has been started in Chard reservoir.  Somerset Council has been awarded for Children’s Services across the county.  Finance – Council will be £90million over-budget this year.

Jenny is a representative for Citizens Advice Bureau on the County Council.  They are looking for more funding over the year.  They hold `surgeries` in Chard twice a week at ForeFront, High Street on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  If anyone needs help check their website `Citizens Advice Somerset`

The Local Community Network (LCN) meeting due 2nd August has had to be changed


25/2023                 MINUTES

The Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 26th June 2023 were approved as a true record and signed



The magazine – Climate Adaption Toolkit from Somerset Wildlife Trust is worth reading.

2 public meetings will be held shortly – in October and November.

Holes have appeared either side of the new Sluice gate fitted at the Court Mill Lane end of Pudleigh Mill lands.


27/2023                 PLANNINGApp.23/01303 Isle Valley Equine Centre, Eleighwater. Change of Use of existing building from equine veterinary clinic to Use Class B8. No objections

  • App.23/01482 Ham Farm Barns, Ham Farm Lane, Ham. Demolition of existing buildings, construction of 5 dwellings (1 conversion and 4 new Build) garages and associated works. No objections but cattle grids needed on each entrance as cattle are often moved along the Lanes. 9 in favour, 1 against, 1 abstained.
  • App.23/01525/S73A Land adjoining Three Corners, Stoopers Hill. Application to vary condition 01 of approved plans 22/02091 to replace the integral garage with additional living space and a plant room, fenestration changes and reduction in floor area. After discussion it was unanimously agreed to object as this alteration will mean that a new garage will then be required.
  • App.23/01526 Land adjoining Three Corners, Stoopers Hill. Erection of new triple garage as ancillary to the main house. Unanimously object.  Detrimental impact on the area, over development of the site. First building seen from a distance coming down the hill – totally out of character.
  • App.23/01551 Grovelands, junc. of Clayhanger Lane. Demolition of existing outbuilding/garage and construction of replacement annex. After discussion, 8 in favour, and 3 against.
  • Enforcement action – Field at Whiteway – Site divided into 3 sections, with 6 containers on site. No planning application yet received – follow up with Enforcement Officer.


28/2023               HIGHWAYS


  1. Court Mill Lane – Following Drain clearance work carried out last month, the drain is flooding along the road again. Highways have been informed
  2. Footpaths – Bonds Hill lower end –quote received for £280 to create 2 steps to replace surface washed away quotes being obtained to build 2 steps. A further site meeting to be held to clarify some points.
  3. CH5/67. The bank at the side of the new Sluice gate on the footpath between Court Mill Lane and Pudleigh Mill has washed away leaving a hole at the side. Owner to be advised.


29/2023                 THE LAWNS PLAY AREA

 A request has been received for cricket nets to be erected in Combe Wood Field.  Details re size and cost were circulated.  The Lawns not suitable but investigation re site etc to be carried out.


30/2023                 MOORMANS

The 3-year Farm Business Tenancy Agreement has been signed by the new tenant and first year’s rental paid.


31/2023                 FINANCE

The following payments were approved and will be paid via Internet Banking/Cheque

£30.00.                       Mrs A. Hunt (broadband)

£275.20.                     Mrs A. Hunt (salary June less tax)

£57.61 + £24.80.      HMRC (April – May) (June)

£18.00.                       Village Hall (July PC mtg)

£105.17.                      Elan City (new pole and fitments for SIDs installation)

£101.00.                     SLCC (Soc. of Local Council Clerks sub)

£6000.00.                 Bradfords Building Supplies (Village Hall Insulation)

£196.80.                    Playsafety Ltd (RoSPA Annual play equipment inspection)

£50.96.                      MJP Bookkeeping (Internal Audit)


32/2023                 GENERAL MATTERS  



Combe St. Nicholas Parish Council