Platinum Jubilee & Royal Quiz Questions and Answers

Platinum Jubilee & Royal Quiz Questions and Answers

Platinum Jubilee & Royal Quiz Questions and Answers

1) The Queen was born at her parents’ house, 17 Bruton Street in Mayfair, London. What is the current use of the premises? Chinese restaurant

2) As a toddler, Princess Elizabeth found it difficult to pronounce her name. What was she called at home instead? Lilibet

3) The young Princess Elizabeth treasured a doll in a red coat with a matching beret. The doll remains in the Royal Collection. What is she called? Pamela

4) What did young Elizabeth call her grandfather, King George V? Grandpa five Grandpa King Grandpa England

5) Approximately an acre of the grounds at Sandringham have been set aside for the cultivation of which exotic crop? Black Truffles

6) The Royal Estate at Windsor usually accommodates around 1,500 Lohmann Browns. What are they? Hens

7) The Queen has owned more than 30 corgis, as well as dorgis and labradors. But what breed were her dogs Bisto, Oxo, Cocker Spaniel

8) What distinguishes the Queen’s corgis Monty, Willow and Holly? Appeared with Daniel Craig in James Bond

9) Aureole’s second place in the Queen’s coronation year, 1953, is the closest one of Her Majesty’s horses have ever come to winning which celebrated race?  The Derby

10) The Queen has been presented with many animals during her reign, including giant turtles, a jaguar and an elephant. Which nation presented her, in 1968, with a pair of sloths? Brazil

11) The last of the Queen’s pet corgis was a 14th-generation descendant of her first corgi, given to her on her 18th birthday. What was that first corgi named? Susan

12) In 1991, the Queen required three stitches to her hand after an animal-related incident. How was she injured? Breaking up a corgi fight

13) The Queen’s interest in horse racing is well-known. But for many years she has also kept a large number of racing… Pigeons

14) Hosts are advised to avoid serving what to the Queen, as she dislikes them?  Oysters

15) Also, to be avoided when hosting Her Majesty (in fact, a “no-no” according to the Duchess of Cornwall) is… Garlic

16) What does Her Majesty keep in a Tupperware box, and enjoy at breakfast time? Special K

17) The Queen’s favourite tipple, often taken at 6pm, is a 50/50 mixture of… Dubonnet & Gin

18) Her Majesty’s favourite meal is said to be afternoon tea, especially when it includes… Dundee Cake

19) Which newspapers are most often to be found on the Queen’s breakfast table? Telegraph & Racing Post

20) How did Princess Elizabeth pay for her wedding dress in 1947? Clothing coupons from her ration book

21) During the coronation, the monarch is anointed with oils of orange, roses, cinnamon, musk?… Whale poop

22) What does the Sovereign’s Orb, held in the monarch’s right hand during the coronation ceremony, represent? The Christian World

23) Launer of London supply Her Majesty under the Royal Warrant with which indispensable items? Handbags

24) The Queen’s first state visit as monarch was to Panama in 1953. On her second, in 1954, she was hosted by King Idris. Where? Libya

25) On tour the Queen is accompanied by her own supplies of transfusible blood, bottled water & Toilet Paper

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