“Flood Mitigation” your Parish Council needs your help.

 “Flood Mitigation”

Combe St Nicholas Parish Council is asking/inviting all affected by the recent floods to either attend at the village hall or by Zoom, the next Parish Council Meeting on the 26th July. They are asking all effected by the recent flooding, if they could also provide their contact details to allow further correspondence.

Also attached below is a list of properties which are understood to have been affected by the flood water.  If this is incorrect, please can you contact the PC to advise/amend as necessary.

It is also asked, that if you have contact details for each or any of the properties affected or any others affected, could you let the PC know ASAP.  If you have been missed from the list, our apologies but your help in making the list accurate will greatly help us and SCC in the future.  This list includes properties that are either next to the Isle (Brook/Stream/Millstream/River) or could be affect by flood water up to the Parish Boundary.  This list will be used for a future civil contingency plan.

Please contact CSN PC by email if possible on:

Property Name Flooded
Scrapton Farm Yes
Valley View
Ridgeway Field
Old Woollen Mill
Mill Cottage Yes
Goblin Hollow Yes
The Old Woollen Mill
Burnside House Yes
Coach House Yes
Old Mill House
Islebrook Cottage
Jasmine Cottage Yes
The Haymaker (PH) Yes
Court Mill House
Court Mill Yes
Miller’s Barn Yes
Court Mill Cottage Yes
Miller’s Orchard
Mill Stream House
Pudleigh Mill Fish Farm & Aldergrove
Ile Cottage Yes
Nimmer Mill
Hicks Cottage
Mill Cottage
Millside Cottage
The Stables
East View
Isle Cottage
Nimmer Farmhouse
Millbrook Cottage
Hicks Cottage
Hornsbury Mill & The Corn Loft
Eleighwater House
Combe St. Nicholas Parish Council