Latest Information from SSC following local flooding

Latest Information from SSC following local flooding

Dear Cllrs

Following the flood event in Chard on Monday evening, I wanted to share with you the latest operational update prepared by Neil McWilliams (Area Highways Manager);

  • Operational staff continue to focus on the local area.
  • Highways Superintendents continue to inspect the wider geographic area;
    • Targeted inspection of highway gullies in the Chard urban area. Works package to be issued to Milestone for reactive gully cleaning works. Locations include;
      • Glynswood
      • Furnham Road
      • Crimchard
      • Elizabeth Way
      • Locations in Winsham
      • Locations in West Crewkerne
    • Minor rural roads will continue to be inspected to understand the full extent of the network damage. Where necessary actioning defects and/or formalising road closures. This is proving to be a considerable task.
    • Safety gangs assigned to this area to respond Highway Superintendent requests.
  • Scrapton Lane, Combe St Nicholas, and Court Mill Lane, Wadeford, White Ash Lane and Holiday Lane, Whitestaunton are closed as debris/loss of surface course has made the roads impassable.
  • Scrapton Lane, Combe St Nicholas. Major clear up process has commenced. Site compound set up on Thursday. Clearance works ongoing tomorrow and planned for Saturday. Sunday working TBC. The spoil material will temporarily be stored on site. Landowner permission granted.
  • Whitestaunton. Access has now been reinstated to the community, albeit over a temporary running surface. The spoil material, currently stored on Pretty Oak Main, starting to be removed from the temporary location and formally disposed of. Consideration will now be given to the permanent engineering solution options.
  • SCC sweeper will be operational in the Chard/Combe St Nicholas area. Arisings continue to be temporarily stored in A30 Windwhistle chippings landing.
  • Site set up and clean up pictures issued for use on Travel Somerset. Further images/videos to be sent each day.




Alyn Jones
Director of Economic and Community Infrastructure Operations

Somerset County Council

Combe St. Nicholas Parish Council