Minutes of PC Meeting 27/09/21.

Minutes Uploaded on October 20, 2021


Held in the Village Hall on Monday 27th September 2021 at 7.30pm


Mr Tony Sauer – Vice-Chairman

Miss Sue Pargeter, Mrs. Di Hine.

Messrs. Ed Cockburn, Ian Croucher, Ian Whitehead

Also, Amanda Broom (County Councillor) Jenny Kenton and Martin Wale (District Councillors),

Anne Hunt – Clerk,

Councillor John Gilbert arrived at 8pm

Apologies – Councillors Rev. Deborah Perreau, Dr. Colin Ryall, Ian Stonex




40/2021                       COUNTY & DISTRICT COUNCILLORS REPORT


Amanda Broom (County Co.) – SCC welcomes extra funding from Govt. for health and social care.  Residents and communities being asked to plant trees under the Green Canopy Scheme for the Queens Platinum Jubilee. SCC are looking for nominations from 11–18-year-olds to become a member of the Youth Parliament.


Jenny Kenton (District Co.) –Has just attended a Unitary Authority meeting.  Councillor Boundary changes will occur   Parish Council elections will possibly take place in May 2022.  New schemes whereby Parish Councils can take on work currently done by SCC are available if wanted. (apply by December) Groups of 20 Parishes will become Unitary Community Network – a one-stop shop.

Full report attached.


Martin Wale (District Co.) – No further news yet following Community Asset Transfer from SCC re Combe Wood Field.  Martin will follow up the details sent with the Portfolio Holder.   SSDC area does not have a 5-year housing supply which could leave them open to new housing applications. The application for a grant towards the School running track will be under consideration in October.


41/2021                       MINUTES


The Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 23rd August 2021 were approved as a true record and signed.


42/2021                       RECENT FLOODING EVENT IN PARISH


Repair work still needed along river bank at Pudleigh.   Thanks to Councillor Sauer for arranging for the vegetation along the river Bank in Court Mill Lane to be cut.  Stream/leat bed levels still need to be lowered.


Letter to be sent to all the residents affected by any flooding re `Somerset Prepared` meetings and information, and to draw their attention to their responsibilities re clearance of ditches.  Councillor Sauer will collate all this information.


43/2021                       PLANNING


  • App 21/02514 Land at Barn Close Cottage, Stantway. Demolish existing building and erection of a 2-storey detached dwelling. Objection from neighbour re balcony overlooking property. Considered Balcony would be better on south side. 2 supported application and 5 objected.
  • App.21/02104 CME Ltd Combe Wood. Remove old brown cladding from building and guttering and replace with new grey cladding and guttering, repaint rendered walls on drive and front of offices with light grey paint. No objections.


43/2021                       PLANNING       Cont’d


  • Wadeford House Tree felling is taking place under licence to remove most of the conifers at Foxdon Hill, to allow for replanting and re-generation of indigenous varieties. For information
  • Report to Enforcement Team – Land at Stantway – hedge was removed without permission, plus wall for unapproved barn extension is now over 12` high.


44/2021                       THE LAWNS


Meeting held at The Lawns with representative from Proludic.  Useful information given.  Recommended to put zipwire alongside the railings side of the site, as copper beech tree too low and foundations could damage roots.  Prices given for Fixed Track Skyrail and climbing frame. Similar quotes to be obtained from other Companies so application for a grant of £12500 could be submitted to SSDC.

Article has been placed in the Cloverleaf magazine asking for suggestions to improve the type of equipment – any suggestions would be considered for another scheme.

Thanks to Councillor Cockburn for repairing the broken tiles on the notice board. He will also fix Brackets to the supports to stop any `rocking`


45/2021                       COMBE WOOD REC.FIELD


Quote received from B. Powell & Sons to cut the grass in Combe Wood Rec. Field for 2022 season at £100 per cut incl. strimming rough area at the bottom and strimming around hedges.   Agreed.

See also Minutes 40/2021 re Community Asset Transfer.




46/2021                       FINANCE     


The following payments were approved.

Mrs, A. Hunt (postage/broadband costs)                                            £32.55


47/2021                       GENERAL MATTERS –


  1. a) Footpath CH7/47 Stile at Hollands Wash Drove end needs further bars – currently cattle could get out.
  2. b) Cattle trailer full of old tyres was dumped on Northay Lane, but since moved – a few tyres left.
  3. c) Councillor Gilbert attended a meeting re A.358 up-grade plans to dual carriageway. Different layout at many side junctions. Further consultations taking place.
  4. d) Warning sign `Caution children` needed at bottom of Underway near entrance to Underway Meade, as more vehicles are parked now in this narrow stretch using the Meade for `Wild Play area`.
Combe St. Nicholas Parish Council