Minutes of PC Meeting 01/06/2022

Minutes Uploaded on July 20, 2022

Public time – Various points made about the planning application for New House Farm, 2nd site.



Held in the Village Hall on Monday 27th June 2022 at 7.30pm


Miss Sue Pargeter, Mrs.Di Hine, Mrs Cressida Govier-Drake, Mrs Louise Simmons,

Messrs.  Ian Croucher, Dr. Colin Ryall, Ian Stonex, Ian Whitehead

Also, Anne Hunt – Clerk, Martin Wale (District Councillor) and 16 members of the public.


Apologies – Mr. Ed Cockburn, Rev. Deborah Perreau, Jenny Kenton (District Councillor)


15/2022                 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST



Martin Wale (District Co.)  Proposed Salary for new Chief Executive for Somerset Council has been reduced to £190,000.  A meeting arranged with County Solicitors and Highways to resolve a highway problem near The Green.   Future of ownership of Combe Wood Rec. Field still ongoing     Any comments re Planning applications should be made on the SSDC website so they can be referenced if M.W/J.K. have to mediate if Planning Officer’s decision differs from the Parish Council.


Jenny Kenton (District Co.) Report attached


17/2022                 MINUTES

The Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 24h April 2022 were approved as a true record following the addition to Minute 9/2022 re Speed Indicator Devices – “Option 1 and cost approved by show of hands” Minutes then signed.


18/2022                 RECENT FLOODING EVENT IN PARISH

 Investigations and consultations still continuing.  Several residents attended 2 Training meetings re Flood Warden recently, and we hope to also have a similar training session in Combe St. Nicholas Village Hall.  A Critical Incident plan is in the pipeline, and once submitted funding and an emergency equipment’s pack is available.


19/2022                 PLANNING 

  • App.22/01115 Land at New House Farm, Combe Wood Lane. (2nd site) Erection of nine dwellings and associated access, parking and landscaping. Unanimously object to this application – for following reasons – Junctions at both ends of Combe Wood Lane have bad visibility and are sub-standard –

4 parking spaces allocated per house = 36 extra vehicles and the lane is narrow with few passing places also used by pedestrians, including children + horses, etc, as well as vehicles to CME Ltd., – 4+ bedroomed houses will probably cost £600,000.  This site is agricultural land, not a brown field site.  No plans shown for water run-off/storage.


  • App 22/01466/S73A Land at New House Farm, (1st site) Amend Condition 1 of approved plans (19/02321) reserved matters app. seeking the approval of layout, scale, external appearance and

landscaping pursuant to cond.01 of outline planning permission 18/01349/OUT for the redevelopment of farmyard and buildings and the erection of up to 10 dwellings and access) Clarification of the levels required before decision can be made.  Meeting to be arranged with the Agent. Note – following the meeting with Agent Plans rejected, and amended plans will be forthcoming as various points raised to improve site.

  • App/22/01615 Land at Stantway, Stant Way. Partially retrospective application for the erection of an agricultural building. Site meeting to be arranged as plans do not show which sections are retrospective, plus clarification of replacement hedge.

Land adjoining Three Corners, Stoopers Hill (to be named (Viewside House).  Notification of pre-planning details of a new separate 3-bay garage, with office space over.   Councillors were not in favour of the plans,

  • Re Enforcement Planning to query if planning permission required for current caravan, and 4 storage containers in a field off Whiteway. No action yet taken by SSDC


20/2022                 THE LAWNS

 Some quotes have been received for replacing the wooden surrounds to the older equipment, but these will be held over until more details are received.    Quotes will also be obtained to trim the lower branches/overhand on the large copper beech tree.


21/2022                 SPEED INDICATOR DEVICES (S.I.Ds)

 Application forms to be sent to Highways to get permission to install the 2 Speed indicator devices that were approved for purchase.  3 possible sites – Stoopers Hill, verge by Combe View – bottom of Combe Hill – verge in Chardleigh Green, opposite fingerpost sign to Pudleigh. SID agreed at May meeting – ElanCity Cost £4500.  Some-one required plus Training will be provided and paid for in order that the Device to be moved, etc.   Other details given under Minute 9/2022

Martin Wale (D.C.) will contact the Police Commissions Fund for possible grant.


22/2022                HIGHWAYS

 Pudleigh footpath, (CH5/67) Work has been completed by SCC ROW Dept. to the damaged bridge and leat bank caused by the floods of June 2021.

Negotiations still ongoing with the local Parishes along the A358 and the proposed dualling.

Meeting to be arranged with Highways re the condition of the Cuttifords Door road.


23/2022                QUEEN’S 70TH JUBILEE PLANS

All the various events were held successfully.  New location has been offered for a future beacon site.

Thanks extended to Mr. Willis for continuing to water the new tree – Prunus Royal Burgundy which was planted during the Queens 70th Jubilee celebrations in June.


24/2022                 FINANCE AND AUDIT     

 Internal Audit – Only 1 problem raised re income tax payments now due – Clerk dealing

External Audit – Exemption Certificate to be sent to Auditors


24/2022                 FINANCE (cont.)

£220.50 received from Combe Allotments Group and £16.80 received from Mrs. A. Hunt re overpaid income tax

The following payments were approved and will be paid via Internet Banking.

£30.00. Mrs A. Hunt (postage/broadband. costs)

£16.80. HMRC (income tax due to 301.4.2022)

£279.60. Mrs. A. Hunt (salary June 2022 less tax)

£18.00. Village Hall (June meeting)

£98.00. S.L.C.C. (Clerks subscription due 1.7.22)

£220.50. Mrs. L. Purcell (Allotments rent half-year due 1.7.22)

£139.90. Ian Croucher (repay cost of 2nd goal post for The Lawns)

£59.13. MP Bookkeeping (Internal Audit fee)

£180.60. The Graphics Factory (metal advice signs for The Lawns)


25/2022                 GENERAL MATTERS –

  1. Mobile fish and chip van will commence weekly visit to the village.




Combe St. Nicholas Parish Council