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Combe St Nicholas Parish Party a great success.

Combe St Nicholas Parish Party a great success.

Well it rained the day before and it rained the day after, but despite some big black clouds casually wandering over, the Saturday of the CSN Parish Party stayed fine and dry, phew what a relief for all concerned!

The day started early with the Grandfather Jem busy setting up his tent over in the corner of the school field. The pizza puppet man got his brilliant wood-fired pizza oven going near the entrance then setting about hand making all the dough and fillings, that left Brandon our village’s brilliant young singer and his family erecting their gazebo and sound system smack bang between the two of them.

By 1 o’clock in the afternoon we had fulfilled our risk assessment detailed plans, flags and signs, tables and chairs, hand sanitisers and all paperwork set up at both entranceways, clipboards manned and ready to take details of all who came for the NHS Track & Trace requirements and we were ready, so let the fun commence!

The next 3 hours went in what seemed like only a brief moment of time. Brandon started it all off with his talented singing voice, using pre-recorded backing music, all very clever and sounding great. The yummy pizzas were soon being hungrily consumed by all and proved very popular all afternoon. The puppet shows for the little ones went down a storm, grandfather Jem’s stories attracted a good crowd of listeners and the young ones had a great time running around the field with their various ball and frisbee games, whilst the older ones amongst us sat and listened to the lovely singing  from Brandon and guest singer Fleur, who at only 13 has the most amazing voice, so clean, clear and crisp, a real treat for all there.

Before we realised, it was 4 o’clock and people started drifting away home, all saying they had really enjoyed a brilliant family afternoon of traditional talented performers and would we be doing it next year?

Hope so!

Many thanks for all your kind donations and helping us support live rural entertainment.

Helen, Ian & Penny.


Brandon Smith.

Parish Council launches new website

Why do we need this new website?

The old one worked ok!

Yes to some extent that is true but rules and regulations governing these sorts of websites are always changing, which means we have a legal duty of care to conform.

Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations 2018

Accessibility regulations for public sector bodies came into force on September 23rd 2018. These new regulations, known officially as The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No.2) Accessibility Regulations 2018 build on existing obligations to people who have a disability under the Equality Act 2010 (or the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 in Northern Ireland). These regulations state that all UK service providers must consider ‘reasonable adjustments’ for disabled people.

When do Parish Councils need to comply with the Accessibility Regulations?

If our website was published before 23rd September 2018 then we have until 23rd September 2020 to become compliant. If our website had been published after 23rd September 2018 then we would have had until 23rd September 2019 to be compliant and publish an accessibility statement. 

So to put it simply, our old website no longer conformed. 

The original website was set up and run by Rob Grimmond, who until recently was our Parish Council Chairman until he retired and to whom we all owe a massive “Thank You”  because trust me, it’s been a lot of work and commitment for him over the years.

During Rob’s time, he built up a wealth of useful pages full of good local information. Many of these features have been incorporated here into our new website, along with some new ones, all of this whilst trying to keep it looking both familiar and fresh, simple and intuitive for us all to use.

The website serves our parish of Combe St Nicholas and sets out to:

  • Allow the Parish Council documents and information to be distributed and freely available for everyone to access quickly and easily
  • Show dates and times for upcoming Parish Council meetings and events.
  • Help inform all of us regarding many of the upcoming events and activities associated with our community.

So have a good old rummage around this our new parish website, and hopefully you will find it informative, friendly and useful.

If you have any comments or good ideas on improving the website, please contact our website administrator and Councillor, Ian Croucher on 01460 64098 or email and let him know your thoughts. We will always be looking to enhance the site for our community.  Many thanks, Your Parish Council.


  • New Puzzle Group. A number of people have recently expressed an interest in jigsaw puzzles. Does anyone have an interest in joining  a puzzle group? People could send us photos of spare puzzles and we’ll make them accessible to see online through Dropbox. If anyone’s interested, please email Kay & Rob Grimmond at