This covenant was signed by Rev. Marilyn Tricker and Rev. Philip Regan in the presence of Rev. John Carne, Chair of Plymouth and Exeter Methodist District, The Right Rev Peter Maurice, Bishop of Taunton, and members of both Combe St Nicholas churches on Saturday 15th March, 2008. 

The Joint Covenant

We the Ministers and People of Combe St Nicholas Methodist Church and The Parish Church of St Nicholas

REAFFIRM our common faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, the authority of the Bible, and the unity of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

REPENT of our past divisions wherever they have been sinful and a hindrance to our witness for Christ.

RECOGNISE that we are incorporated into one Body by the Holy Spirit and the visible unity of the life of all Christ’s people is the will of God.

REJOICE in the rich variety of our traditions of worship and order and recognize that there will not be uniformity in the unity we seek, but legitimate and reconciled diversity.

WE THEREFORE COVENANT WITH GOD AND WITH ONE ANOTHER for an initial period of seven years to co-operate as fully as we can and NOT do separately what can better be done together.

In particular we commit ourselves and our Churches to explore ways:

1. of worshipping, praying, healing and studying together.

2. of working together wherever possible in mission, social concern, pastoral care, and training.

3. of sharing the use of resources, including buildings,

4. of identifying new ways of being the visible body of Christ in this rural community.

5. of sharing the sacraments together within denominational canons and established practices.

We pray God will guide us in this venture.

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