Please support Village Hall fundraising........ in a way that will cost you nothing!

Most people are feeling the pinch these days so fund-raising is proving to be more difficult than ever this year. The Village Hall will undoubtedly benefit from the installation of a brand new disabled toilet and modern toilet facilities. However, our existing funds to do so are tiny! Though the Village Hall will continue with its usual programme of fundraising events here is an additional way that everyone who uses a computer can help contribute for absolutely free.  Why shouldn't Combe St Nicholas villagers benefit from such a generous scheme too?    

What we need now are individual supporters willing to register on the CSNVH easy fund-raising site. This site accesses over 2,000 well known High Street retailers who donate small sums of money to specific charities every time someone makes an online purchase.  Companies such as Or, if online shopping is really not your thing, you can still support us by registering, so that every Search you make in your web browser contributes a tiny sum to our Hall funds. To join in and become a supporter:- 

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Support a good cause.

  3. Enter CSNVH in the name box and click Find - then follow the instructions to register yourself as a supporter.

  4. You need to make your various purchases through this site, so download the browser on to your Toolbar to give you easy access to the fund-raising website.

  5. To support us by making Searches only, you still need to register (1-3 above)

In our first month the 5 registered Supporters raised just over £16 at no cost to themselves. Just imagine how much the Village Hall would benefit if we could boost the number of Supporters to 50. If you register right now, every time you connect to read this local web page from today you could do so knowing you are also contributing to our fundraising.  Thanks from The CSNVH Committee.


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