Defibrillator Information Evening

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As you may know, we now have a fully operational defibrillator which was provided by the school and the Parish community.

The school promised at the time that they would host an information evening on the uses of it and instructions of how to operate it. They would, therefore, like to invite anyone interested to come into school on Tuesday 28th February at 4pm.

Launch of new Combe History Book

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A new book, entitled "A Miscellany of Combe St. Nicholas" was launched on the 12th December. Many people have helped give information for the book, which has been collated and written by Marjie Dorling. It is interesting book of events, information, photos, etc. that have happened over many years in our Parish.

The book costs £7.50 (which allows for a small donation to the church).

Copies can be obtained in the Village Shop or from Anne Hunt (telephone 01460 61296 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Theft of Petrol from Vehicles

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In the early hours of the morning of 19th December, there was theft of petrol from a vehicle parked along a road in Combe St. Nicholas. There are reports of another incident during the night, locality uncertain. The police have been informed.

The perpetrators were using a car. Please be vigilant and report any incidents to the police on 101.

Shed Thefts

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There have been 2 different thefts from outbuildings/sheds of power tools recently.  On Wednesday, a suspicious-looking white van with 2 passengers, was seen around the area and reported to 101.
Please ensure all sheds and outbuildings are kept well locked and tools, etc. covered so they cannot be seen.
Combe St Nicholas Parish Council 8th December 2016


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