New Road Scheme at top of Stooper's Hill

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A meeting was held with S.C.C. representatives, our new County Councillor, and Buckland St. Mary Parish Council Chairman regarding the new road scheme at the top of Stooper’s Hill. If anyone has had a problem/incident there since the alterations took place, please send details, especially with evidence or photo, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to Anne Hunt – Parish Clerk, tel 01460 61296 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Work at Cuttifords Door

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A number of people have expressed concern over site activities at Cuttifords Door. May we reassure you that it is nothing to do with housing development! The contractors for Wessex Water who are working on the water main improvements are using the field as a depot (as they have used a field near the Football Club until this week).

Wessex Water Road Closure Dates (30th May)

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Wessex Water have now informed us of the closure dates, which are as follows:

Closures for up to 5 days:

Cuttiford's Door, Chard                  14th July        
Crimchard, Chard 17th July
Catchgate Lane, Chard 4th September

Closure for up to 2 weeks:

Stant Way, Combe St. Nicholas       14th August

Closures for up to 3 weeks:

Foxdon Hill, Wadeford                

(1)  24th July

(2)  28th August

Foxdon Tip Road, Wadeford 21st August
Scrapton Lane, Wadeford 7th August
Combe Wood, Combe St. Nicholas    31st July
Wadeford Down Road, CSN 14th August
Pole Rue Lane, CSN 24th July

This information replaces that given in the June/July issue of Cloverleaf magazine.

Maps showing the routes of the pipes and the roads affected are:

Hornsbury to Chard

Chard to Pole Rue

Wessex Water: Water main improvements

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Wessex Water release: Water main improvements


Crucial water main replacement work will result in road closures in and around Combe St Nicholas and Chard.


Wessex Water has confirmed that the following roads will be closed for up to three weeks for a period between July and September (dates to be confirmed):


  • Cuttiford’s Door, Chard.

  • Crimchard, Chard.

  • Catchgate Lane, Chard.

  • Foxdon Hill, Wadeford, Combe St Nicholas.

  • Foxdon Tip Road, Wadeford, Combe St Nicholas.

  • Scrapton Lane, Wadeford, Combe St Nicholas.

  • Combe Wood, Combe St Nicholas.

  • Wadeford Hill, Combe St Nicholas.

  • Higher Wadeford Lane, Wadeford.

  • Stantway, Combe St Nicholas.

  • Pole Rue Lane, Combe St Nicholas.

The work is being carried out as part of Wessex Water’s water supply grid project, which will help the company meet future demand and ensure its customers have a reliable water supply throughout the region.


Construction of two water supply mains in the Combe St Nicholas and Chard area is due to start in June and will be completed by November.


This will involve the replacement of approximately 2.2km of water main – to be laid in agricultural land between Chard Reservoir and Hornsbury – and the installation of 4.3km of new water main between Chard reservoir and Pole Rue reservoir.


Vickie Plummer, project manager for the grid scheme, said: “Further information about the road closures will be provided to the parish council and residents who will be directly impacted.


“Alternative routes will be clearly signposted at all times and access will be provided for emergency vehicles.


“We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by our work, which is essential to safeguard the water supply of customers in the area – both now and in the future.”


Wessex Water’s new pipeline will improve the security of supply to customers by connecting the two existing reservoirs, allowing water to be pumped from Chard to Pole Rue and then supplied to customers when required.


The existing pipeline from Chard reservoir to Hornsbury is an ageing asset and needs to be replaced. 


To find out more about the grid project and how it will help to protect the environment visit




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