Water Mains Replacement Schemes

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Wessex water are proposing two water mains replacement schemes within Combe St Nicholas to improve the water quality to various residents within both Combe Wood Lane and Fairclose.

The first job within their programme is within Fairclose, Combe St Nicholas, Chard. This job is within ther programme from 23 September 2019 – 18 October 2019. This job entails connecting in to a water main which is located within Stoopers Hill where they will then open cut a new water main within Fairclose. All works on Stoopers Hill will be under two way traffic lights rather than a road closure therefore still allowing all residents access. Letter have been sent out to the residents of Fairclose just so they are all aware of the works. A plan of the site can be seen by clicking here.

The second job is within Combe Wood Lane. This job is due to start on 28 October 2019 – 06 December 2019. These works will involve a road closure on both COMBE HILL and COMBE WOOD LANE. The closure on Combe Hill is scheduled to start on 04 November 2019 where it will then run for a maximum of two weeks. The reason for this closure is due to the road connecting up Combe Hill and Combe Wood Lane is extremely narrow so it will not allow Wessex Water enough room to set up their safety perimeter and allow sufficient access to vehicles trying to pass. They shall also be imposing a road closure on Combe Wood Lane from 04 November 2019 – 06 December 2019. Again all residents have been notified by a customer letter so they are made aware of the works. A plan of these works can be seen by clicking here.

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