Outcome of Meeting on Speeding

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Village Speeding Meeting held on Tuesday 13th Nov.2018


At 3.30pm in Combe St.Nicholas Village Hall


Present – Rob Grimmond (Chairman,) Amanda Broom, County Councillor, Gary Warren, County Traffic Engineer (“GW”), P.C. Alan Hollick and 25 members of the public/Parish Councillors


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting. He said the Parish Council does not have responsibility for highways but had supported Speed Watch since the beginning of the scheme and proposals for speeding mitigation measures. A former Councillor tried to get various schemes passed but unfortunately without luck. A more recent effort had also been unsuccessful. Unfortunately, most Parishes have problems with speeding.

 Questions received would be considered according to location in the Parish –

 Stoopers Hill/Village Centre – Vehicles parking by The Old Post Office are restricting visibility. Officially vehicles should not park within 10metres of a road junction. There has been a recent amendment order about junctions - Yellow lines are being looked into now.


Top of Stoopers Hill junction - Small Improvement Scheme – 2 County Council Officers have checked it again and passed a Safety Order. There are said to be instances when the 99 bus has had to reverse. Any accidents must be reported properly (via the Police/Parish Council). It was pointed out that extended kerbs in general should be in 30mph restricted areas and should be lit.


Stoopers Hill Speed of traffic/School times There is often car parking on the bend -perhaps a case for Yellow lines? Every morning approximately around 8.30 vehicles speed through the village and there are deliveries to the shop (20 mph area), when many school children and parents in the area. Police only can enforce speed limit if they have enough Officers. Alan Hollick now hopes to support this area more in future


Combe Wood The 30mph limit does not start till near C.M.E. Ltd. The signs will be moved back to the verge at Caerhays within this financial year.


COMBE HILL The Parish Council has looked at this problem several times but got nowhere. Any chicane or humps would have to come through Small Improvement Schemes and we will have to wait for the next scheme, when it could be put forward again. Last time 10 ideas were put forward locally (including Chard) but only 2 could go to SCC and both successful ones were in Chard. GW said road humps might be best structural option. Rumble strips make a noise for local residents. Any feasibility study would cost around £5,000. Structural changes could cost around £50,00, due to need for illumination. Resurfacing allows vehicles to travel faster.


Consider Flashing SIDs Cost - £2500 - £3000. They would require a volunteer accredited under Chapter 8 of the Traffic Safety Measures & Signs for Roadworks & Temporary Situations to maintain and move them. To train someone would cost £300 - £500. Suitable New sites to be investigated. We could possibly have up to 6 sites.


Most areas have problems with speeding. Local Speed Watch figures have been compiled over 16 years. There are some 40 teams over South Somerset. Their average is 3% speeders. Wadeford’s is typically in double figures and in September was as high as 18%. The Speed Enforcement Unit camera bike caught 10 speeders on one visit, but there are limitations on where they can park. There are perhaps only 2 sites in the Parish.


WADEFORD Cat-tail – Chardleigh Green speeding traffic round bends by The Haymaker and Wadeford bends.


GW – Some improvements he will arrange from today - Paint 30mph roundels by every repeater sign to make drivers aware of the limit.


CUTTIFORDS DOOR /cross roads - HGVs have damaged sides of the road and verges. Need SID to cut down speeding. There are more heavy goods vehicles which are wider than half the road width. GW will investigate Weight Limit but it is up to the Police to enforce – Community Lorry Watch? There is complete exemption for agricultural vehicles. Data is needed.


A sign indication `unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles` was suggested. Deliveries to the Garden Centre would be exempt. Who is responsible for spillages on roads by agricultural vehicles? It is the driver.


The verge by Snowdrop Cottage is deep but is the only place to miss large vehicles or reverse back around the bend. Proper tarmac is needed. GW and AB will raise at Yeovil Office. Could the road be widened? If 350 new houses are built adjacent to this road, there will be even more vehicles using it. Highways cannot restrict the numbers. Strips and white lining will be repainted.


Just past Wayside near the New England turn the road is subsiding and recently has flooded and drains blocked. The drain is not at the lowest point of the road so puddles appear.


Accidents at Crossroads – One resident’s car was a write-off due to another motorist being on the wrong side of the road. A police car has previously been involved in a collision and there was another accident there today. A police report should be submitted to add to statistics. The junction /sight lines are not adequate. This can be looked at. Warning signs could be checked.


Speed limit This could not be reduced to 30 mph but could perhaps be reduced to 40mph, instead of the current 60mph.


Other Questions – There are flashing signs between Puckington and Barrington reading `check your speed`. Would this be of use? Originated by the Police?


Re-siting of speed signs – They should be 250 metres apart. Councillor Cole will check them.


Crimchard/future planning sites – the more comments sent in re planning applications with concerns about highway issues, the more the Planning Department and Highways must take note of them


106 agreement payments (The 1990 Town & Country Planning Act ) They are legal agreements between Local Authorities and developers; these are linked to planning permissions and can also be known as planning obligations.A Planning obligation will aim to balance the pressure created by the new development with improvements to the surrounding area. They should be used to help with the problems around Cuttifords Door area.


The Chairman hoped the meeting had been helpful to everyone so they could learn what could and could not be done. Perhaps the community could come up with ideas for addressing speeding? For example, school children in one area went out with the Police and then spoke to the drivers of speeding vehicles! Drivers should obey the law – education is needed to change attitudes.


Updates will be published in Cloverleaf magazine and on the Parish website.




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