Wessex Water Road Closure Dates (30th May)

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Wessex Water have now informed us of the closure dates, which are as follows:

Closures for up to 5 days:

Cuttiford's Door, Chard                  14th July        
Crimchard, Chard 17th July
Catchgate Lane, Chard 4th September

Closure for up to 2 weeks:

Stant Way, Combe St. Nicholas       14th August

Closures for up to 3 weeks:

Foxdon Hill, Wadeford                

(1)  24th July

(2)  28th August

Foxdon Tip Road, Wadeford 21st August
Scrapton Lane, Wadeford 7th August
Combe Wood, Combe St. Nicholas    31st July
Wadeford Down Road, CSN 14th August
Pole Rue Lane, CSN 24th July

This information replaces that given in the June/July issue of Cloverleaf magazine.

Maps showing the routes of the pipes and the roads affected are:

Hornsbury to Chard

Chard to Pole Rue

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