Public Time –


a) Representation re Planning App. 16/05362 Mr.& Mrs.Bryan.


b) Concern about traffic speed and litter through Cuttifords Door.





Held on Monday 27th February 2017, at 7. 30pm in the Village Hall


PRESENT ; Mr. Rob Grimmond, Mrs. Diana Hine, Mrs. Lynn Osborne, Messrs. Ian Stonex and John White

Also Nigel Pearson (County Councillor), 5 members of the public and Mrs.Anne Hunt (Clerk)


Apologies - Rev.Deborah Perreau, Mrs.Rosemary Yarrow, Messrs.Tony Cole, Tony Sauer, Jonathan Nex, Martin Wale (District Councillor),




86/16-17 MINUTES


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 23rd January 2017 were approved as a true record and signed, following the addition of Mrs.Diana Hine to the Councillors Present at Meeting




County Councillor –


a)  S.C.C. still have to save £1.8 million, so cuts will continue;


b) Doctors surgeries in places under threat due to lack of doctors;


c)The bus service in East Somerset was going to close, but the Parish and Town Councils have put money in to keep it running – something to keep in mind for any future precepts;


d) A303/A.358 road consultation ends 10th March but the section under review is east of South Petherton. Clerk to check re A.358 consultations, especially with regard to extra traffic at Eagle Tavern junction;


e) New Road lay-out at top of Stoopers Hill – still of great concern. One new sign already down. Mr.Pearson will try to get a meeting arranged on site with Highways and Parish Councillors.


f) The proposed chicane on Combe Hill was held over until the new Small Road Improvements Scheme is open again – which should be this autumn. Police Commissioner, Sue Mountstephens, gave her support to the scheme when she attended a recent Speed Watch AGM


g) Support given for a new SID site in Cuttifords Door.



88/16-17 PLANNING -


App.16/05362 Mr. & Mrs. Bryan, Athlone, Cuttifords Door. Alterations, extension and conversion of dwelling house into dwelling house plus holiday let. After discussions, there were no objections, although a note to be added that there were reservations about the `wavy edged boarding` as opposed to `cut-edged boarding`.





There was insufficient time to organise a Parish litter clean for the National March clean-up day, but an article will be put in the next Cloverleaf magazine to see if residents are interested in helping. SSDC will lend bins, bags, gloves and visibility tabards and collect any rubbish. Another follow=up session following the completed Parish Plan will be arranged later in the year.


Councillor Sauer, and Councillor White, have volunteered to jet-wash the safer surfacing surrounding the Play Equipment. Notice was put up asking for other volunteers but to date no-one has come forward.


90/16-17 HIGHWAYS


a) The alterations to the top junction of Stoopers Hill with the Pretty Oak Main are still causing concern. The safety audit team has checked the new scheme and apart from moving some bollards nearer the edge of the new kerb, they considered the scheme was sound.


b) A request has been received for a Speed Indictor Device installation in Cuttifords Door as traffic through the hamlet is getting worse. SCC have sent 4 photos to see which site is considered most suitable, and the installation can be arranged for week commencing 19th June.




Telephone call from Derbyshires Estate Agents asking permission to erect a gazebo on The Green for advertising purposes. It was considered unsuitable as could set a precedent for other Companies. Village Hall was considered more suitable.


92/16-17 Police –


93/16-17 FINANCE


The following payments were checked and agreed.

Mrs.A.Hunt – expenses £12.56





a) Another Village Open Day will be held in September;


b) Points to consider for the future – Community Engagement – can we do things better – could include setting up a Voluntary Car Service


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