Held on Monday 28th November 2016, at 7. 30pm in the Village Hall


PRESENT: Mr. Rob Grimmond, Mrs. Lynn Osborne, Mrs.Deborah Perreau, Mrs.Rosemary Yarrow.

Messrs. Tony Cole, John Gilbert, Jonathan Nex, Ian Stonex and John White

Also Nigel Pearson (County Councillor), Martin Wale (District Councillor), 5 members of the public and Mrs.Anne
Hunt (Clerk)


Apologies - Tony Sauer,




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 24th October 2016 were approved as a true record and signed.




County Councillor –


a) New road junction lay-out at top of Stoopers Hill causing controversy. Site audit will be carried out by Highways. Adverse comments received have been forwarded on to SCC


b) There is a consultation period re road works on A.358, but only for those Parishes immediately affected, not Combe St.Nicholas or Buckland St.Mary. A statement is going before SCC next week but the works will have the effect or pushing more traffic up the A.303 and the Eagle Tavern junction

Free bus passes can be used on the 9.28a.m. bus to Chard


District Councillor –


a) Govt. monies available for improvements on the A303/A358.


b) Police panel at Bristol attended, - another review of neighbourhood policing. Yeovil Police station will close, and officers will be placed in the Fire station, but as there will be no `charge facilities` prisoners will have to go to Bridgwater, plus the arresting officer.




App.16/04810 Mr.J.Crofts, Pudleigh Corner, Pudleigh Lane, Chardleigh Green. Formation of vehicular access and parking/turning area. No objections


App.16/04668 Mr. & Mrs.Ginno, Knightshute Cottage, Knightshute, Erection of 2-storey and single storey
extension. No objections


App.16/05007 Mr.M.Sturmey, Agar Cottage, Newtown. Alterations and erection of 1st floor extension, and erection of 3 sheds (retrospective application) An extension would not be objected to, but this constructed extension does not match the rest of the cottage. If this was a `normal` application the materials and design shown would be rejected. Mr.Sturmey advised to contact the Planning Officer for further advice.


App.16/05008 Mr.Broom and Ms.Ives, Brylea, Cuttifords Door. Erection of single storey extension. No objections.




2 Applications were received to fill the Vacancy. Their `reasons for wanting to join the Council` were circulated and after discussions a vote of hands finally chose Mrs.Di Hine (5 votes) over Mrs.Sue Babey (4 votes) to be asked to join from 23rd January 2017. Clerk to contact both applicants.




a) The alterations to the top junction of Stoopers Hill with the Pretty Oak Main are causing concern .

If the new verge extension remains Councillors propose the opposite triangle should be cut back to compensate for the reduced road width. It is still considered the extended verge could be dangerous for vehicles turning from the A303 direction. Traffic leaving the Sticklepath Lane find the verge extension more helpful for visibility/safety.


b) Thanks extended to Rosemary and Steve Yarrow for cleaning the signpost on The Green. This now needs painting – arrange in better weather.


c) Court Mill Lane is closed for a few days to enable repairs


d) Thanks extended to Mr.Blackburn for collecting allocated sand/grit bags from SSDC Yeovil.


A303 Blocked culvert near Ham Farm is flooding across the carriageway – possible ice hazard




71/16 Police –




a) Dispensation forms signed by all Councillors in order to discuss and decide figures for 2017-2018. Precept figures circulated and discussed. Final decision to be made at January meeting


b) Agreement given for Chairman and Clerk to agree to pay any urgent invoices received before January meeting


The following payments were checked and agreed:

Mrs.A.Hunt – expenses                                                       £13.20

Grant Thornton (External Auditors)                                       £120.00

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal (S.137)                            £60.00

Combe St.Nicholas CEVA School (Schoool crossing patrol)   £325.00

Dr.Freeston (repay footpath volunteers Christmas lunch)         £180.00

Mrs.Purcell (Half-year allotments rent)                                   £210.00

Village Hall (Oct/Nov meetings)                                               £32.00




a)Although new telegraph poles have been erected in village centre, the old ones still in situ.


b) Moviola film night held in the village on a monthly basis needs commitment from residents


c) Prior information re proposed mobile telephone mast given


d) In recent heavy rain volunteers cleared various drains in Wadeford


e) Parish clean up day suggested for springtime.


Chairman Rob Grimmond wished everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year.


Next meeting 23rd January 2017



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