Held on Monday 26th September 2016, at 7. 30pm in the Village Hall


PRESENT ; Mr. Rob Grimmond, Mrs. Lynn Osborne, Mrs.Rosemary Yarrow. Messrs. Tony Cole, Jonathan Nex, Tony Sauer, Ian Stonex and John White

Also Nigel Pearson (County Councillor), Martin Wale (District Councillor), 2 members of the public and Mrs.Anne
Hunt (Clerk)


Apologies - Mrs.Deborah Perreau John Gilbert and Don Macdonald and Police




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 22nd August 2016 were approved as a true record and signed.




District Councillor –


S.S.D.C. is gradually reducing staff and introducing a new I.T. system instead, costing £2 million but this should be saved over the next 2 – 3 years.


County Councillor –


A new Company has put in a tender for the 99 bus route, but the service will be reduced from 13 journeys a day to 6. (every 2 hours approx..) No finance available from SCC. The last bus from Taunton will be at 5.10pm which would cause problems for people working until 5.30 etc. To get to Musgrove Park Hospital passengers will have to get the Park and Ride bus from the bus station. The morning bus to Chard would leave this village just before 9.30 (bus pass start time) which could mean passengers having to pay. Usage figures needed, as the buses will now be much fuller. John Perrett SCC, and Tom Main SCC to be contacted to urge for at least another bus after 5.10pm from Taunton.


Discussion ensued about possible part fare being paid by passengers to help fund the route, or if S.C.C. subsidize some routes surely they could help with this one, or even help from the Parish and Town Councils along the route.


48/16 PLANNING -


No applications received.




The defibrillator casing is now in position on the school wall, on the church side, facing the road. It will be operational very shortly once the ambulance service has connected its details.




a) The road on Stoopers Hill will be opening shortly following the water main replacement works.


b) Stantway needs checking following extra use by the bus and lorries, etc.




S.C.C. Chairman’s Awards for Service to the Community. Invitations have been received by Mrs.Lynn Osborne for nomination in connection with her, and the other trustees, work at Underway Meade to attend the ceremony on 20th August. Mr.Rob Grimmond has also received an invitation.


52/16 Police – One incident reported this month, but on investigation was quite legitimate.




External Audit report received – No problems, except the Annual Governance Statement should be completed at a separate meeting, before the accounting statements are approved.


The following payments were checked and agreed.


Mrs.A.Hunt – expenses £13.20


Mrs.K.Grimmond (repay for plants on The Green) £23.98


Village Hall (July – Sept meetings) £48.00


A & C signs C,A.Brooks, (sign re Combe Open Day) £50.40





a)A meeting is being held on Friday between the Football Club and the nearby residents to discuss the proposed new phone mast and floodlight.


b) The public footpath through the Green Dragon carpark (west side) has now been marked out.


c) A collision has damaged the phone control box by the Nimmer junction


d) Rob Grimmond will be unable to attend the Remembrance Sunday service. Another Councillor needed to lay the wreath on behalf of the Parish Council.

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