Held on Monday 22nd August 2016, at 7. 30pm in the Village Hall


PRESENT; Mr. Rob Grimmond, Mrs. Lynn Osborne, Mrs.Deborah Perreau, Mrs.Rosemary Yarrow.

Messrs. Tony Cole, John Gilbert, Don Macdonald, Tony Sauer, and John White

Also Nigel Pearson (County Councillor), Martin Wale (District Councillor), 3 members of the public and Mrs.Anne Hunt (Clerk)


Apologies - Ian Stonex, and Police




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 25th July 2016 were approved as a true record and signed.




District Councillor –


a) Ragwort is a problem in many areas and should be cleared (officially a notifiable plant) although good for insects.


b) A new service (One stop shop) for the District Council is being discussed.


County Councillor –


a) An increased mobile phone coverage is being discussed with a £2.5 million match funding programme, aimed at the `bad` spots. Different contract carriers could be used for different areas.


b) Travellers had to be removed from the Park and Ride site in Taunton at a cost. A Court Order is now in place in conjunction to get evictions quickly.


c) Lynn Osborne is being nominated for the S.C.C.Chairman’s award for service to the community.


Councillor John Gilbert arrived at 7.50pm


39/16 PLANNING -


App. 16/03150 Mr.M.Burrough, Snowdon Hill Farm, Extension to existing agricultural barn. No objections


App. 16/03362/S73 Mr.& Mrs.Westlake, Racehorse Re-Homing Centre, Pole Rue. Application to vary
condition 2 of approved plans 16/01310 to increase length of dwelling by 1.0 mt. No objections,


Planning Policy Meeting to be held in Guildhall, Chard on 20th Sept 6 – 8 pm re Housing Land availability. Councillor Grimmond will attend.


40/16 MOTION - Discuss S.S.D.C. motion re HATE CRIMES, Etc


S.S.D.C.council members supported the motion condemning any form of racism, intolerance, bigotry or xenophobia. Hate crimes have no place in our society and must be prevented. This matter has been bought up following the recent killing of Jo Cox M.P. After discussion, the Combe St.Nicholas Parish Councillors support this Motion, A statement will be put in the next Cloverleaf magazine




a) Notice received that the road on Stoopers Hill will be closed for 2 weeks from 19th September for water main replacement works. The bus will be diverted via Stantway.


b) Notice received that works at the Stoopers Hill junction with the Pretty Oak main will be carried out, - re-signing and improvements

c) Some verges on Cuttifords Door road need cutting – Highways informed by residents.




a) Advance notice received from Football Club about replacement floodlight, with mobile phone transmitter attached, prior to planning permission being sought. Reply that Parish Council does not make comment on pre-planning notices as could be misconstrued.


b) S.C.C. Chairman’s Awards for Service to the Community. The Councillors would like to recommend

Mrs.Lynn Osborne for nomination in connection with her, and the other trustees, work at Underway Meade.


c) New permits required for vehicles with trailers, large vans etc. using the Chard recycling site.


43/16 Police – Newsletter from Police Commissioner


44/16 FINANCE Letters of thanks received from CSN P.C.C. and Methodist Church for recent donations for upkeep of churchyards.


The following payments were checked and agreed.


Mrs.A.Hunt – expenses                                         £15.12


I.C.O. Renewal (Data Protection) due 25.9.2016       £35.00



45/16 GENERAL MATTERS - As the grass cutting in the Parish Church churchyard has improved so much a letter to be sent to the contractor to show appreciation for work.

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