Before the meeting started silence for 1 minute was held in memory of Gerry Sayers who sadly died on 23rd February. He will be greatly missed, and all his past work for the Parish Council is very much appreciated.


Public Time –


held on Thursday 24th March 2016, at 7. 30pm in the Village Hall.



Chair – Mr. Rob Grimmond was elected to take the Chair for this meeting.

Mrs. Lynn Osborne, Mrs.Rosemary Yarrow, Messrs. Don Macdonald, Tony Sauer, Ian Stonex and John White

Also Martin Wale (District Councillor), and Mrs.Anne Hunt (Clerk)

Apologies – Mrs.Deborah Perreau, Mr.John Gilbert, Nigel Pearson (County Councillor) and P.C.S.O.Richard Oaten

Declarations of Interest - Rosemary Yarrow declared a personal interest in Planning App. 16/00530. Tony Sauer declared a personal interest in planning App. 16/00872, and Lynn Osborne re Underway Meade.


112/15-16 MINUTES

 Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 22nd February 2016 were approved as a true record and signed.


113/15-16 VACANCY

After getting advice from SSDC a notice will be placed on the notice board advertising the vacancy for a Parish Councillor. If no-one applies within 3 weeks, co-option will be implemented.



County Councillor – a) -

District Councillor –

a)   Extra charge on Council tax bills for flooding prevention. Highways have investigated the flooding at Cuttifords Door cross road/Ccatchgate Lane/Chard main.cked ords Door ding 16/000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000atchgate Lane/Chard main and marked road for pothole filling and looking into the water run-off from fields. A new drain not feasible at this time.

Various sharing schemes by the District Council to save money are being checked – i.e. computerisation of telephone calls could save money and staff - Probably about 70 jobs. The election for District Police Commission takes place in May.


115/15-16 PLANNING


  • App.16/00530 Mr.S.Glanzell, Frys Cottage, Cuttifords Door. Alterations to include 2-storey extension and replacement of previously thatched roof with tiled roof. No objections


  • App.16/00616 Mr.S.Phillips, Trees, Bell Lane, Chilworthy. Erection of 2-storey extn

No objections, but would recommend current and new windows colour-match


  • App. 16/00872 Mrs.C.Maxwell, Gate between St.Nicholas Church and the Primary School, New Road. Alterations to include installation of replacement gate. No objections.



 New footpath and entrance gates have now been completed. Formal opening being arranged.



 A quote been obtained for fixing shelving for books – 6 shelves, plus labour = £174. Only 4 shelves are required, so cost will be less. Resolved to accept the quote and go ahead.


118/15-15 HIGHWAYS

 a)   A roadshow was held in Horton re the dualling of the A.303/A.358. At this stage no plans were on show, but ideas were being received. The A.303 section between Ilminster and Honiton is not being considered at this time.

b)   Grit bags now collected from Yeovil and stored at Ham Hill Farm. Thanks to Mr.Blackburn.

c)   Seat at top of Foxdon Hill needs attention.

d)   Manhole cover at junc. of Rackstile and Chard main still needs attention.



a)   Somerset Road Safety – Presentation for older drivers (60+) – how vehicles have developed and driving skills. Add to report in the next Cloverleaf magazine for any residents who are interested.


120/15-16 Police - Report from P.C.S.O.Oaten – 2 nuisance calls and 1 suspicious vehicle in Buckland were the only reports for March.


121/15-16 FINANCE

a)   A discussion re a memorial for Gerry Sayers was discussed. As he was very much connected with the Underway Meade it was considered that possibly a seat could be erected here. The Underway Meade Committee are definitely arranging for this so a contribution could be made towards it, or another project. It was also proposed that a list of all Parish Chairman over the years could be identified, and acknowledged. Item to be placed on the Agenda for next month.

 b)   Risk Assessment and Internal Audit ControlsThese were discussed and recommendations made as per attached sheets.

 c)   New signatory required to replace Gerry Sayers. Ian Stonex agreed to complete forms.


The following payments were checked and agreed.

Mrs.A.Hunt – expenses and computer allow.                                                                        £28.62

Metalwise S.W.Ltd (supply and fixing fence on The Lawns, part payment                                £5000 + £1000 vat

Village Hall (Jan – March meetings)                                                                                     £48.00

S.S.D.C. (quarterly play equipment inspections)                                                                   £127.20

B.Powell & Sons (footpath at Underway Meade)                                                                    £5400

Community Council for Somerset (annual subscription)                                                          £40.00



Thanks to volunteers who collected litter around the Parish – Clean for the Queen project.

Rubbish alongside the road in Cuttifords Door – collection?

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