Before the meeting started Deborah Perreau said a prayer for Gerry Sayers (Chairman) who is very ill.

Public Time – P.C.S.O.Richard Oaten reported that 2 of the Wadeford Neighbourhood Watch schemes have now been set up. Mention in Cloverleaf for any more co-ordinators. He can arrange a crime prevention survey of a property, including sheds, garage, outbuildings, tools. Etc. No crimes reported in this Parish during February.



held on Monday 22nd February 2016, at 7. 30pm in the Village Hall.


PRESENT; Chair – Mrs.Lynn Osborne was elected to take the Chair for this meeting.

Mrs. Deborah Perreau, Messrs. John Gilbert, Don Macdonald, Tony Sauer, Ian Stonex and John White

Also Nigel Pearson (County Councillor), Mrs.Anne Hunt (Clerk) and P.C.S.O.Richard Oaten

Apologies – Mrs.Rosemary Yarrow, Mr.Rob Grimmond and Martin Wale (District Councillor)


Declarations of Interest - None declared.


102/15-16 MINUTES


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 25th January 2016 were approved as a true record and signed.




County Councillor –


a)   Nigel has been approached by the Churchwarden of Whitestaunton, re help/information as the church bells need re-hanging and re-tuning costing approx.. £55000, plus a new community room which can be hired out. Possibly mention on our website.


b)   Public meeting at Monks Yard, Horton, re possible A.303/A358 dualling schemes


c)   SCC councillors have voted in favour of Devolution but there is a 179,000 house building target for the South West.


d)   The grant awarded via Nigel for the new footpath at Underway Meade has enabled work to start this week. Highways Flood Alleviation Scheme will start again shortly which could help with some flooding problems in the Meade.


District Councillor


a) Written report – SSDC budget being discussed this week, also Community Infrastructure Scheme which concerns all new build housing, except Chard Regeneration Scheme, at proposed rate of £40 per square metre.


104/15-16 PLANNING -


  • App.16/00266 Mrs.R.Lediard, re Land to south of Lawless Farm, Barley Hill. Change of use of land from agriculture to camping site. Construction of parking area, erection of a store, and construction of 4 timber decking platforms for siting of safari style tent accommodation.

Grey and black water will be treated on site, and piped on to the watercourse.

If the treatment plant failed, an alarm would be activated.. No objections.




See Minute 103(d) above




The box has been repainted inside, and a quote will now be obtained for shelving for books.


107/15-15 HIGHWAYS


a)   Grit bags are now being collected direct from Yeovil for delivery to John Gilberts for use on A303 junctions.


b)   Following recent heavy rain, the cracks half-way down Frog Lane reported last month have now completely washed away and left a large hole 30cm. deep. Highways already informed.


c)   In Whiteway, 50 yards passed last house, the road is flooded, quite deeply, drains need attention.


A.303/A.358 Consultation display at Monks Yard, re future dualling schemes on 25th Feb.




a)   Blackdown Hill Management – Election of representatives – polling sheet completed.


b)   Ordnance Survey Maps Licence signed via SSDC so that in future maps can be used if necessary.


109/15-16 Police


110/15-16 FINANCE


The following payments were checked and agreed.


Mrs.A.Hunt – expenses and computer allow. £29.78


111/15-16  GENERAL MATTERS –


Ask for the website details to be printed on the inside cover of Cloverleaf Magazine.


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