Public time – Advance information re Details of events proposed in 2016 by the Village Hall committee and a community event on 17th September were given



 held on Monday 25th January 2016, at 7. 30pm in the Village Hall.


PRESENT; Mr .Gerry Sayers, Mrs. Deborah Perreau, Mrs.Lynn Osborne, Mrs.Rosemary Yarrow, Messrs. John Gilbert, Rob Grimmond, Don Macdonald, Jonathan Nex, Tony Sauer, Ian Stonex and John White


Also Nigel Pearson (County Councillor), Martin Wale (District Councillor), Mrs.Anne Hunt (Clerk) and 3 members of the public.


Apologies – P.C.S.O. Richard Oaten


Declarations of Interest – Mrs.Lynn Osborne declared a prejudicial interest in Minute (94)


90/15-16 MINUTES


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 23rd November 2015 were approved as a true record and signed.




County Councillor –


a) Nigel attended a District meeting re the Chard Re-generation Scheme – looking to buy assets to give

income, but assets were being sold off!


b) A presentation re Somerset commitment to carers was held. SCC budget to be cut by £1m.


c) Devolution debate coming up.


d) Nigel has now re-joined UKIP. He has been standing as an Independent Councillors recently.


Nigel is now involved with the Business Net-working Group. Speakers required on the subject.


e) If help is required in the next phase of the Health and Wellbring grant scheme he recommends getting organised in advance with works and quotes.


Both Councillors have been involved with the proposed 1.25% increase re Flooding Levy, which is approved as a temporary measure for this year. Also an extra 2% for Adult Care on Council Tax

Business rates will be charged and kept by District Council


District Councillor –


a) The planning application at Clayhanger barns (see below) has been refused despite local views being in favour. He was not consulted and is taking the matter up with the Area West Chairman


b) The free parking proposal in Chard and S.Somerset will not be going ahead, due to loss of finance.


c) Local Housing for Local People. Motion defeated. Grading by marks for local people. There are 6000 on the housing lists with 600 – 800 in urgent need. Investigations ongoing.


92/15-16 PLANNING -


  • App.15/4701 Mr.N.Richard, The Barns, Clayhanger. Dem. Of buildings and erection of one dwellinghouse. Councillors like to support local businesses in the Parish, and a dwelling on this site would enhance it, and help with security of tools, etc. Entrance to remain as existing and no other made. Materials need clarification.


  • App.15/05741 Wessex Water Removal of 36 10 metre sections of hedgerow between Chard Reservoir and Pole Rue works. For information.

  • App.15/05697 Mr.Jack Packham, Beech View, High Street, Combe St.Nicholas Alt. to include erection of lst floor rear ext. and erection of a porch. No objections


  • Tree Preservation Order 2 groups of trees Land at Cuttifords Door Orchard.




a) The gate has been refitted, together with the self-closing fitment. Padlock fitted to the double gates. It was resolved to pay Metalwise Ltd. for the works, holding £300 back until the end post has been fitted and painting of bolts complete.


b) Quarterly play equipment inspection report received. Items noted for checking.




Grant of £4000 received from S.C.C.Health and Wellbeing. Quote of £4943 + vat received from B.E.Powell and Sons for excavating new entrance to the Meade at the Wadeford end by recessing a graded ramp up into the field + fencing, installing 4` self-closing gate. Forming new 1.2m wide path from this entrance to the bridge and cleaning off current path from bridge to existing 121 gate, This gate to be exchanged for a 9` gate, and a 3` pedestrian gate. Quote agreed and work should commence in February. Trees need to be thinned in the wooded part of the Meade, and the shreddings can be used on other paths. Letter to be sent confirming agreement. Nigel Pearson thanked for this help in obtaining the grant.


Mrs.Lynn Osborne took no part in decision or discussion after giving details re above. (see Minute 80/15).




The casing for the defibrillator has been ordered by the School and an information session will be held. Parish Council donation of £500 now to be paid.




The bin originally installed in The Green Dragon carpark has now disintegrated, and a new bin has been purchased

and installed at the top of The Lawns road instead. Thanks to volunteer for installing.


97/15-16 HIGHWAYS


a) Rain water is pouring down from Snowdon Hill and across the Cuttifords Door crossroads, causing the road surface and especially verges to disappear. The rain water also runs along the Chard Main to the Nimmer turn off and floods across the road. Highways need to look seriously at this problem


Large Tractors with trailers and lorries are also wearing the verges away through Cuttifords Door, especially when 2 meet from opposite directions.


b) The jetter lorry has cleared pipes in the layby opposite The Haymaker but water still not draining away. Also manhole cover loose by Rackstile junction.


c) Half-way down Frog Lane there are bad cracks in the road, where rainwater is coming up through the tarmac.





a) Relief in Need Charity - Letter from Mr.Selley giving notice of his resignation as Correspondent and Trustee of the Charity. “ current Trustees will share the position in future. Mr.Selley thanked for past help.


b) Chard Recycling Depot will be taking credit/debit cards only in February for trial, re hardcore, etc.


c) H.M.The Queen celebrates her 90th birthday on 21st April 2016. Letter from N.A.L.C. re lighting of beacons in celebration. Clerk to contact the owner of Combe Beacon at the top of Stoopers Hill.


99/15-16 Police - 2 shed burglaries took place in Wadeford recently, but 1 person being held.


100/15-16 FINANCE


a) Precept figures circulated in November. It was resolved to precept for a total of £16250, (£15590 + £660 Council Tax reduction support grant) This support grant will be reduced next year to £220. be an increase of £750 (5%) to cover the cost of repainting the Victorian lamp-post and fill in old drain area at the side, Also repainting of seats on The Lawns and The Green, and budget gradually for replacing play equipment as required, in view of current equipment now installed 17 years ago.


b) It was resolved to accept the quote for grass cutting for the 2016 season from B.E.Powell & Sons at £89 per cut for The Lawns and The Green. c) Telephone box – replacement leather straps needed, plus shelves for books.


The following payments were checked and agreed.


Mrs.A.Hunt – expenses and computer allow.                                             £53.31

Incl cost of concrete for dog bin + padlock for The Lawns


    Combe St.Nicholas School – School crossing patrol                                 £325.00


    S.A.L.C. New Parish Councillors` training                                                  £20.00


    Glasdon U.K. (new dog bin)                                                                    £152.03


    Dr.W.Freeston (repay footpath volunteers Christmas lunch)                        £177.70


    B.Powell & Sons (grass cutting and top soil 2015 season)                       £1896.00


    Combe St.Nicholas School – donation to defibrillator casing S.137             £500.00


    Metalwise S.W.Ltd – fencing extension on The Lawns                               £*******


101/15-16 GENERAL MATTERS – Re Nov. General matters - B.T contractors should have removed any vegetation cleared when replacing telephone poles.


A number of street lights are currently needing the covers refixing.

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