Public time – Hedges have been cut in Whiteway and Frog Lane recently, but large amounts of cutting material has been left over the surface of the roads.




held on Monday 26th January 2015, at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.


PRESENT ; Mr .Gerry Sayers (Chairman), Mrs Lynn Osborne, Mrs.Moira Vaughan, Mrs.Rosemary Yarrow, Messrs. Rodney Baylis, Tony Sauer and John White


Also Ros Roderigo (District Councillor), and 6 members of the public.


Apologies – Mrs. Lin Turner, Mr.Rob Grimmond. Police


75/14-15 MINUTES


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 24th November 2014 were approved as a true record, and signed.




District Councillor –.


a) The amended Planning application re new dwelling in Frog Lane was granted at the Area West meeting by 1 vote.


b) The results re the McTaggart and Michel planning application for 350/110 dwellings will now be postponed until May.


c) Buckland St.Mary Parish Council have arranged for the Parish Ranger on 6 occasions until the end of March.


77/14-15 PLANNING


  • App.14/05587 Mr,V.Chapple, re The Old Post Office, The Green. Change of Use of shop to residential, and alterations to shop front. No objections.


  • App.14/05562 Ms.Cawley, Greenhill, Higher Alterhay. Demolition of existing garage and erection of detached dwellinghouse. (Outline permission previously given) No objections.


  • App.14/05639/S73A Mr.C.Cullen, re land rear of Smithycroft, Pole Rue. Application to vary conditions 17(no fences/gates, 19 and 20(no obstruction of visibility) . Previously granted 10/01257.

             No objections as fences requested are less then 900mm and telegraph pole hard to re-site.


  • App.14/05688 Mr.P.Turner, Willow Cottage, Nimmer. Erection of detached garage and carport.

          No objections, but with recommendation that additional screening around carport, for neighbours benefit.


Parish Plan The final booklet has now been printed, and arrangements are in hand for a copy to be delivered to every dwelling in the Parish, with thanks to all those who have volunteered to deliver it.

The invoice will now be sent to S.S.D.C. to authorise payment of the grant, Copies of the Plan will be sent to Andrew Gunn, Planning Dept. .S.S.D.C., The Heritage Centre, and Chard Library.




The lantern top has been repaired, repainted and new plastic panels fitted. The electrical repairs are were completed on 2nd December. No charge was made for repairing the top. Thanks extended to Kevin Earnshaw, John White and Ian Whitehead for their help.




Blackdown Environmental of Dunkeswell, are currently in the process of removing the tree

The other beech tree should now be checked and quotes are being obtained.


80/14-15 HIGHWAYS


1.  Combe Hill (lower end)– A report re Road Safety on Combe Hill was given with Details of speed of traffic, various problems re junction with Underway, speed of traffic around the Wadeford bends, pedestrians/horse riders/motorised buggies safety, and cost of an accident.


Figures recorded by the Wadeford Speed Watch volunteers show vehicles on this stretch of road are far higher (average 15%, and even 42% recorded) than the regional average (3 – 4%)

If a vehicle is parked on Combe Hill the speeds are lowered.


Possible Solutions – Chicane with pinch-point on Combe Hill, permanent speed camera, replace centre hatch line, raise yellow rumble strips at the bottom of the hill, and additional ones on Combe Hill, change the texture/and or colour of the road surface, paint 30mph roundels on the road surface, raised `cushions` positioned further up and again between the bottom of Combe Hill and the Wadeford bends. The cushions are considered by DoT to be the most cost effective in reducing speed.


Alternative interim suggestion – Police speed enforcement vans can attend the Parish but there is nowhere to park The Police motor cycles can also attend but need off road hardstanding A suggested site would be on the verge at the bottom of Combe Hill near the name signs. It would need to be 1.5 mtr wide and 3.5 mtr long. 4” scalpings would provide a base and the SW volunteers would provide the labour. Approx, cost for materials £70-£90. Definite evidence details re speed of vehicles could then be produced for Highways Dept. to make a case for a chicane, which is the preferred solution of the Council.


It was resolved to support the interim suggestion.


2.  Possible new footpath entrance to Underway Meade – Discussions are still being held regarding the details regarding a ramp on to the verge but when Highways are contacted and meeting arranged this matter could be incorporated at the sametime, as this site would be nearly opposite the interim suggestion site.


81/14-15 Report re Meeting held with the Football Club at Slades Cross


A good meeting was held with various members of the Football Club. They agreed more local notice should be given before events/firework display. Speed of traffic to and from the ground – notices will be put up in the clubhouse, near the gate to be seen when leaving the ground, and also sent to the various Secretaries of visiting clubs. For good public relations they intend to write an article for the Cloverleaf Magazine to keep residents aware of events/matches, etc. Highways to be asked if it is possible to erect directional signs to the Club, and also at each end of Frog Lane warning of pedestrians.





83/14-15 Police - Newsletter from Police Commissioner received. P.C.S.O. Richard Oaten has arranged for the Community Police vehicle to park at the Village Hall on a monthly basis.



84/14-15 FINANCE


a) Figures re the Precept required for 4/2015 – 3/2016 were discussed. After agreeing to increase the donation given to the P.C.C. for the upkeep of the churchyard to £1000 in 2015, and to increase the Clerk’s Salary by £200, it was resolved to increase the precept required from S.S.D.C. To £15,500.


b) Allotments Rent received - £210.00. Renewal of Lease documents signed and received.

Thanks to Rob Grimmond.


The following payments were checked and agreed.

 Mrs.A.Hunt (repay exp. Re Perspex for Vic.lamp-post) £30.00

Village Hall (Oct – Nov.meetings) £32.00

Mrs.Purcell (half-year allotments rent due 1st Jan) £210.00

            Mrs.A.Hunt (Exp, tel. and computer allowance £32.11

            S.S.E. (Rewiring Victorian lamp-post) ££567.38

            B.Powell & Sons (grass cutting The Lawns?Green 2014) £1602.00

            Rapid Print (printing Parish Plan booklet) £715.00

            Dr.B.Freeston (repay Footpath clearance exp.) £25.18

            Blackdown Environmental (beech tree removal) £2825.70




a) John White has a number of grit/salt bags if required


b) Roll/s of turf will be purchased to fill in around the play equipment surrounds.


c) Broadband Infinity is now available in the Parish, but residents have to get in touch with their own Internet provider. Charges depend on the provider. The cabinet situated at Nimmer has not yet been `enabled`.




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