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MINUTES of the COMBE ST.NICHOLAS PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on Thursday 21st August 2014 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.


PRESENT ; Mr .Gerry Sayers (Chairman), Mrs.Lin Turner, Mrs.Moira Vaughan, Mrs.Rosemary Yarrow,

Messrs. Rodney Baylis, Rob Grimmond, Tony Sauer and John White


Also Ros Roderigo (District Councillor), Mr.Nigel Pearson (County Councillor), and Hilary Tinson, representing the Village Hall Committee


Apologies – Mrs. Lynn Osborne




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 28th July 2014 were approved as a true record, and signed.




Letter received requesting a donation towards the cost of refurbishing the toilets. Architects plans have been drawn up and quotes requested. The plans refer to the only solution allowed by S.S.D.C.Building Control.for this enclosed space. Quotes received to date range from £10500 (not incl.electricity and flooring,) to £18500 all inclusive. The Village Hall have up to £12000 in its account. Application will be made to S.S.D.C.for a grant, but this requires a grant from Parish Council. It was resolved that the Parish Council will support this project, It was proposed and resolved to allocate £1000 initially (under section 137) It is hoped work will commence in September and cause as little disruption as possible.

Information will also be sent to County Councillor, Nigel Pearson, to see if this qualifies for a grant under the Health and WellBeing fund.





District Councillor –.


a) App.14/02626 Mrs.Gray, re Land north of Classet House, Frog Lane. Was discussed at the Area West meeting and the application was refused, due to the building line being too far forward.


b) A 6.8 MW solar farm is proposed at Wambrook, just on the other side of the A30. It could supply 960 properties. The community will profit by £1000 for the first 3 years, and the Company supports local projects. Nigel Pearson (C.C.) has contacted WROC to ask whether our Parish can also benefit.


County Councillor –


a) A grant has been granted towards the Fence extension on The Lawns and should be paid into our bank account shortly.


b) A Listen and Learn challenge will be held in Chard on 20th Aug. S.C.C.are hosting a stall for suggestions to `balance the budget`.




  • App.14/03292 Mr.N.White. Pole Rue Farm, Pole Rue Lane. Erection of single storey sun room extension. No objections


  • App.14/03293 Mr.N.White, Pole Rue Farm, Pole Rue Lane. Conversion, alterations, extension and replacement building to form 4 holiday lets. No objections


  • App.14/03359 Mr.& Mrs.J.Nagle, Hornsbury Mill, Erection of a function room extension. No objections


  • App.14/03404 Mr.Ben Stoddart, re land OS 3618, North of Ham Farm, Raisey Lane. Erection of agricultural/equestrian building for straw, feed and machinery storage. No objections.


  • David Wilson Homes appeal starts 28th August, and combined housing stock enquiry regards this and /McTaggert & Mickel appeals will follow on 2nd Sept. Gerry Sayers will give a statement at the enquiry from the Parish Council


  • Parish Plan update – almost completed and ready to send to S.S.D.C.with request for grant towards printing costs.




S.C.C.Street Lights Dept. have quoted £59 to check the works repair the lighting. It was resolved to accept this offer.



  1. A Better Map of Drains requested from Highways – More Volunteers needed

  1. In July 25% of drivers were speeding when travelling on Combe Hill, according to Speed Watch figures. 1 in 32 drivers. The resurfacing of Combe Hill encourages speeding. A chicane may improve the situation.

  1. The section or road between Chardleigh Green and Chard currently has a speed limit of 60mph

         For pedestrian/horse riders safety a reduction in the speed limit to 40 mph would be preferred, although Highways

         state the cost of extra signs have to be considered.

         A meeting is being arranged with Nigel Pearson (C.C.) and Colin Fletcher of Highways to consider both 2. and 3.

  1. Thanks extended to Steve Yarrow who is standing down as Speed Watch co-ordinator but is continuing as a volunteer.

  1. Drain blocked near Derby Shute Lane, Wadeford.

  1. Buttle overflows when Wessex Water flush out the pipes – request clearance by Highways.


S.S.D.C.Street Scene – offer of 2000 bulbs – information passed on to Horticultural Soc.

40/14 Police -


The following payments were checked and agreed.

 Mrs.A.Hunt (Exp, tel. and computer allowance                                       £27.86

Combe St.Nicholas CEVA School (school crossing patrol)                      £325.00

Information Commissioner (Data Protection renewal)                                £35.00




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