MINUTES of the COMBE ST.NICHOLAS PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on Friday 30th May 2014, at

7.30pm in the Village Hall.

 PRESENT ; Mr .Gerry Sayers (Chairman), Mrs.Lynn Osborne, Mrs.Linda Turner, Mrs.Moira Vaughan,

Messrs. Rodney Baylis, John Gilbert, Tony Sauer and John White

 Also Ros Roderigo (District Councillor), Mr.Martin Wale and 2 members of the Public

 Apologies – Mrs.Rosemary Yarrow, Mr.Rob Grimmond, and Nigel Pearson (County Councillor).


 Mr.Gerry Sayers was nominated for Chairman by Tony Sauer, seconded by John Gilbert and agreed

unanimousely. Mr.Sayers signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

 Mr.Rob Grimmond was nominated by John Gilbert, seconded by Tony Sauer, and agreed unanimously.



 Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 28th April 2014 were approved as a true record, and signed.


District Councillor –.

The appeal by McTaggart and Mickel re housing at Cuttifords Door was held last week in Chard and lasted
4 days. Very disappointed with the lack of support for Planning Officers from Yeovil, and concern about the amount
of money for distribution locally via 106 agreement, but it was registered that provision/support should be made for
some funds to be given to this Parish, if appeal allowed. Lack of community pitches on the site although they are
required to provide 2 pitches due to numbers of dwellings. If this cannot be demonstrated, the appeal would be lost.
No left or right turns at the Convent Link junction of A30/A358 would require a Traffic Regulations Order but scheme
not considered favourably.

The District Council published a 5-year housing supply on the last day of the appeal. The information was not given
to the Appeal, and was too late to be taken into consideration, although this point was one of the main features of
the appellants appeal The Inspector will be walking/travelling around the area to check the walking times, junctions,
etc. and the result should be known towards the end of July. Martin Wale will be attending the Executive meeting in
Yeovil, and Councillors agreed to send a letter to the Chief Executive, Mark Williams, to voice their concerns.




A further quote is being obtained, without a vehicular gate as this was very expensive, and would very rarely used.
A bolted panel could be removed as necessary. Mr.Sauer also obtaining a quote for materials only.




  • App.14/01795 Mr.H.Bedham, Hicks Cottage, Nimmer. Permission for use as a stand-alone residential dwelling.
    No objections


  • App.14/01973 Mr.& Mrs.Blackburn, Holemoor House, Eleighwater. Alterations and conversion of former charolais
    shed to form 1 dwelling with parking. No objections.


  • App.14/02162/LBC Mr,M.Butler, re Temple S.W. of Wadeford House. Carry out alteration to add cedar shingle roof
    instead of stone roof. (revised app.12/01149) No objections


  • Parish Plan update – A.3 size pages of the draft Plan will be displayed for residents to see. On boards being
    supplied from S.S.D.C. A copy of the booklet to be emailed to Paul Philpott of S.S.D.C. Cheese, nibbles and wine
    ordered from the Village shop. .Corex advertising board fixed to the church railings (with permission)




The bulb needs replacing and the Perspex is cracked. Mr.Hodge has checked it and willing to carry out works. Street
Light dept. of SCC also to be asked to check.




  1. S.C.C. are offering Parish Councils the option of taking over the Speed Indicator Device (SID) but a volunteer will
    have to be trained as to how to change/charge the battery/etc. The Speed Watch volunteers present were not in
    favour of taking on this responsibility. S.C.C.will continue to supply the SID as at present.


  1. Flooding in Knightshute – a meeting was held in Knightshute recently, and Wessex Water will check into reasons
    for the excess and intermittent running water and a camera will be put down the pipe work to check flow near
    The Green. White or clay coloured water running intermittently – residents to take samples if possible.


  1. Map of Drains still awaited from Highways – Clearance of these could be undertaken by joining the Parish Ranger
    Scheme, or by employing a contractor.


  1. Traffic mirror obtained by Mr.Gilbert to replace the broken one at the bottom of Combe Hill Cost to be supplied
    for next meeting.


8/14 Blackdown Hills `Keeping It Local` meeting.


Mr.Sayers attended the recent meeting in the Village Hall. Grants are only available from them for projects which would
create employment in the area and economic development.




2 weddings take place in Combe – 21st June and 30th August, and permission requested to allow car parking in Combe
Wood Rec.Field. Granted provided good weather conditions and at own risk.


10/14 Police - Break in recently at Bell Lane. Resident contacted clerk, and in absence of Neighbourhood Watch scheme
the Clerk has circulated by e-mail any residents addresses known. Theft of heating oil from tanks also reported in the area.


 11/14 FINANCE


  1. Internal Audit completed – No problems. Letter of thanks to be sent to Mr.Lane. All papers will now be sent to
    External Audit for 16
    th June.


  1. Risk assessment/Internal Audit controls report agreed.


  1. £200 received from Allotments Assoc. for half-year rent.


The following payments were checked and agreed.


Mrs.A.Hunt (Exp, tel. and computer allowance                                            £40.71


A & C Signwork (corex board re parish plan meeting                                    £41.86


Broker Network Ltd (Insurance – Came & Co.)                                            £747.28


Village Shop (wine/cheese for Parish Plan meeting 6.6.14                             £58.00




Underway Meade – 25 residents attended the recent A.G.M. and 3 people volunteered to join the Committee,
and a few more volunteered to help with any work needed. £425 has since been donated, so immediate future of
the Meade now safer.

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