Public time -


MINUTES of the COMBE ST.NICHOLAS PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on Monday 28th April 2014, at

7.30pm in the Village Hall.


PRESENT ; Mr .Gerry Sayers (Chairman)


Mrs.Moira Vaughan, Mrs.Rosemary Yarrow,


Messrs. Rodney Baylis, Rob Grimmond, and Tony Sauer


 Also Nigel Pearson (County Councillor), Mr.Martin Wale (for District Councillor) and P.C.S.O.Ben Samways.


Apologies – Mrs.Lynn Osborne, Mrs.Lin Turner, Mr.John Gilbert, Mr.John White and  Mrs.Ros Roderigo..


 109/13-14 MINUTES


 Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 24th March 2014 were approved as a true record, and signed.




District Councillor (Martin Wale) –. a) The Appeal hearing for McTaggart and Mickel re 360 dwellings and football

club at Cuttifords Door/Mount Hindrance is scheduled to start on 20th May, and now will be held at the Guildhall,

Chard. The redevelopment scheme on the Boden street site is moving forward. A supermarket plus a few individual

shops, open area and under ground carpark is planned and redevelopment of The Mill for possible community use.


County Councillor Nigel Pearson. – a) A303 – Blackdown Hills Meeting held with suggestions for improvements

along the stretch from Ilminster to Honiton. No funds to dual , but improvements will be made at some junctions.

Buckland St.Mary Parish Council are discussing this on 1st May when representative from B.H.will be present.

We will arrange a meeting following lst July when ideas are being collated. b) Consultation re Acute Stroke Services/CTC scan centre at Taunton. First 4 hours are crucial to save damage being caused.


P.C.S.O.Ben Samways – There has been no reported crime since 13th March for this ward. Changes being made to Police stations. Chard hours will be changed, and custody cells will be at Yeovil and Bridgwater. 2 new `camera` motorcycles will be helping with Speed Watch from the end of May. They will be able to park in various areas to check on speed of vehicles. Offenders (in cases up to 40 mph speed) have to go on a Course or opt for 3 points and £100 fine.




Anne Hunt (Clerk) agreed to continue as Village Hall Reprresentative for the Parish Council.


112/13-14 PLANNING


  • App.14/01003 Mr.D.Dyer, Buildings at Combe Hill Farm. Demolition of existing farm buildings and erection of replacement agricultural building.. No objections

  • App.13/01113 Mr.J.Gilbert, Ham Hill Farm, Ham. Erection of agricultural storage building.No objections.


  • App.14/01404 Mr.D.Acland, Western Cottage, Combe Head. Demolish wooden garage, erect car port, alterations and conversion of outbuildings to form store, and extend turning area.. No objections

  • App.14/01421 Mr.P.Simmons, Combe Dale, Clayhanger. Excavate land to create parking area.No objections


  • Buildings 1 & 2 Clayhanger Lane. Advance notice of Change of use from agricultural to dwellings. New Govt. regulations have now changed for existing buildings. Change of use only now required.


  • MacTaggart & Mickel Appeal – see District Councillor’s report. Date to start – 20th May, Now being held at The Guildhall, Chard Mr.Sayers will make a report on behalf of the Parish Council.The scheduled to last for 4 days.


  • Parish Plan update. –.The Village Hall has been booked for Friday 6th June for a public meeting, wine and cheese provided, to discuss the draft Plan booklet which will be on show. Paul Philpotts of SSDC to be invited. The draft booklet details can also be displayed on the web site for people to comment Advertising board to be arranged


 113/13-14 HIGHWAYS


  1. A small improvement scheme has been scheduled for the junction of Stoopers Hilll/Pretty Oak main.

  2. Parish Ranger Scheme – It is preferred by Street Scene Dept. to arrange this on a regular basis for half a day. Drains can be checked but limited depth of clearance. Item on hold until `Drains map` received from Highways.

  3. The edge linings on Combe Hill are still not painted – follow-up required.

  4. Cuttifords Door – edge of road potholes are getting worse.

  5. Flood Mitigation fund is being applied for again, re Court Mill Lane, a culvert into the ditch in Underway, and a bund around The Lawns to hold water back and drain slowly.

  6. A303 – Blackdown Hills Survey being carried out for suggestions re improvements to the road junctions. A representative is attending Buckland St.Mary Parish Council meeting on 1st May, but visit to our Council to be arranged from July when more details known.


 114/13-14 Eco/Sustainable Meeting report – Meeting held on 10th April – only 6 people attended but interesting information given at the meeting.




The nomination has been accepted by S.S.D.C. and now on official list for notification if to be sold.




  1. `Keeping It Local` meeting Village Hall 6th May 1.30 – 4pm

  2. S.S.D.C.Play Day being arranged for August. Permission given for use of The Lawns.

  3. Concerns about bonfire smoke affecting properties on sunny days.- mention in Cloverleaf.


 117/13-14 Police - see Minute 110.


118/13-14 FINANCE


  1. Village Hall Toilets Refurbishment – letter from Treasurer requesting grant towards cost. It was resolved not to contribute until more details are known.

  2. New Fence extension at the Lawns. – 3 quotes have been received to extend the current fence alongside The Lawns road. Other options being obtained prior to decision.

  3. Risk Assessment/Internal Audit control assessment for this year to be arranged.

  4. External Audit due 16th June. End of year for 4/2013 – 2014 circulated and accepted.

  5. Annual Goverance Statement for 2013 completed, and Annual Return and accounts books the Chairman and Clerk/R.F.O.

  6. All correspondence and books will be forwarded to Internal Auditor for agreement.

  7. Precept for 4/2014 – 3/2015 received - £14,500.


 The following payments were checked and agreed.


Mrs.A.Hunt (Exp, tel. and computer allowance + litter picker £39.82


S.A.L.C. (Sub.due) £351.94




  1. The verge alongside Combe Wood Rec.Field is being cut by D.L.O.when grass cutting the Field. Clerk to investigate.

  2. Tractors are leaving a lot of mess on the road through Combe Wood.







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