MINUTES of the COMBE ST.NICHOLAS PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on Thursday 27th February 2014, at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.



 Mr .Gerry Sayers (Chairman),
                      Mrs.Linda Turner, Mrs.Rosemary Yarrow, Mrs.M.Vaughan,

Messrs. Rodney Baylis, John Gilbert, Rob Grimmond, Tony Sauer and John White


 Also 6 members of the public, and Nigel Pearson (County Councillor)


Apologies – Mrs.Lynn Osborne, Mrs.R.Roderigo (District Councillor) Mr.Martin Wale.


86/13-14 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Mr.Sayers declared Pecuniary Interest re Minute 90.


87/13-14 MINUTES


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 27h January 2014 were approved as a true record, and signed.




 County Councillor Nigel Pearson. – Some speed cameras will be starting again shortly. Problems are occurring with the SCC email contacts. In future Nigel to be contacted via SCC email address, not his personal email, for security reasons. The future of Somerset Council Farms,which allows young farmers to get into farming, is being discussed – anyone with a vested interest should contact Nigel who does not want to see them sold off.

 2 quotes only have been received for new railings at The Lawns. As the time limit is up, we will get the information together for the next round.

 District Councillor Ros Roderigo – Typed Report .

 a) The Local Plan comes to Full Council for approval on 13th March, and then hopefully on to the Inspector.

 b) `Making it Local` consultation event for rural Parishes will be held in Combe St.Nicholas on Tues.6th May 1.30 – 4pm

 c) Countryside Fund has been set up. If £25000 reached in 3 years, the Govt. will add 50% (Blackdown Hills) Any help appreciated.


89/13-14 PLANNING


  • No planning applications received


  • David Wilson Homes Appeal – Appeal postponed for a further report. No details yet re new date..


  • MacTaggart & Mickel Appeal – No information received re date.


  • Parish Plan update. –. Findings are now being condensed into A5 size pages for draft printing before a public meeting is held to let the public see the conclusions arrived at. A meeting is being arranged in the village hall regarding information on sustainable/recycling issues, as many residents who returned questionnaires indicated an interest in this subject.



 The Trustees have recently held a meeting and have decided that due to the lack of support or serious interest in the Parish they are not prepared to continue taking the responsibility and liability involved. The annual insurance is due in May, £300, They have arranged a meeting with the Charity Commissioners with a view to the dissolution of the Trust. A picnic area was formed, but very little interest, Other ideas have been looked into – grass keep rent, etc. but not considered suitable.

 This asset could be used for other things if the Charity Commissioners agree. It was resolved by Councillors to cover the cost of the insurance for this year.


91/13-14 HIGHWAYS


  1. Woolhayes Lane.- Letter received from S.C.C. Legal Dept. They are checking into archive files to ascertain reason for allowing the gates.


  1. It has been reported that some hedge cutters clippings have been hitting passing vehicles


  1. Pretty Oak junction – Work will begin on 1st April to improve the junction. The road will be closed for 7 days while this is carried out.


  1. The Buttle is nearly full again of silt and gravel following the recent very heavy and continuous rain. Report to Highways to see if it can be cleared again. Pole Rue drains also full of gravel.


  1. The traffic mirror at the bottom of Combe Hill has been damaged. Mr.Gilbert will check prices for a replacement.




Mr.Stonex has undertaken the painting and fixing of the Wadeford Notice Board, and many thanks are extended to him, and to Mr.Wheadon for making the board.




Letter from John Osman, Leader of S.C.C. asking for assistance in supporting appeal from Royal Bath & West Relief Fund, set up to help dredging of rivers following recent record flooding on the Levels. It was resolved not to contribute at this time.


94/13-14 Police -


95/13-14 FINANCE


 It was resolved to accept D.L.O.charges of £29.72 per cut in 2014 for grass cutting Combe Wood Rec.Field.


The following payments were checked and agreed.


  Mrs.A.Hunt (Exp, tel. and computer allowance + pay Mr.Sayers re Notice Board exp £37.15

Taunton Deane Borough Council (D.L.O.Grass cutting Combe Wood Rec.Field) £511.87

Luke Spencer – tree cutting The Lawns £300.00

Mr.Ian Stonex- paint for Wadeford Notice Board £17.08










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