held on Monday 24th March 2014, at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.


PRESENT ; Mr .Gerry Sayers (Chairman), Mrs.Linda Turner, Mrs.Rosemary Yarrow, Messrs. Rodney Baylis, John Gilbert, Rob Grimmond, Tony Sauer and John White

 Also 1 member of the public, Nigel Pearson (County Councillor) and Mrs.R.Roderigo (District Councillor)

 Apologies – Mrs.Lynn Osborne, Mrs.Moira Vaughan, Mr.Martin Wale.

 97/13-14 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Mr.Sayers declared Pecuniary Interest re Minute 101 and took no part in

the decision of this item.

 98/13-14 MINUTES

 Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 27th February 2014 were approved as a true record, and signed.


 County Councillor Nigel Pearson. –

a) Highways Office at Yeovil is moving, new tel. no. 01458 837142

 b) Nigel is now on the Regulation Committee, re Rights of Way. Currently 352 cases needing attention, but clearing

a very low average per year .

 District Councillor Ros Roderigo –.

 a) The Appeal hearing for McTaggart and Mickel re 360 dwellings and football club at Cuttifords Door/Mount

Hindrance is scheduled to start on 20th May, but will be held at the Perry Street Club, Tatworth.

 b) The Local Plan has been modified, approved and now sent to the Inspector.

 c) Open Reach/Broadband people were looking around the Parish and also Whitestaunton.

 d) The S.S.D.C. Portfolio member re
Climate Change will visit Parish Councils to give a presentation at their meetings.

 e) A Parish Ranger scheme is being developed by the S.S.D.C.Street Scene Dept. whereby some works can be

carried out which are beyond the scope of normal schemes, such as drainage, litter clearing, horticultural works, etc. They will be responsible for the Ranger, who can be booked for half a day if necessary, and costs £17 p.hr.

 Map of Drains in the Parish to be requested again from Highways with possibility of joining the scheme.

 100/13-14 PLANNING

  • App.14/00795 Mr.& Mrs.Perreau, Croft House, Stantway. Conversion and ext. of outbuilding to create an annexe – revised application. No objections

  • App.14/00829 Mr.K.Raffael, 1 Underway Cottage, Underway. Demolition of existing single ext. and erection of 2-storey ext. No objections

  • App.14/00880 Mr.& Mrs.B.Collins, Dale Farm, Whiteway. Alterations to include raising of roof to create first floor accommodation, and erection of ext. No objections

  • App.13/03649 Mr.A.Fitter, re Lane OS 6479 Poltimore Lane. Change of use of land and building to mixed use of equestrian and agricultural use, and erection of ext. to existing barn to form stables. (part retrospective) No objections.


100/13-14 Cont’d/

  • David Wilson Homes Appeal – Appeal No details yet re new date..

  • MacTaggart & Mickel Appeal – see District Councillor’s report. Date to start – 20th May, Perry Street Club, Tatworth.

  • Parish Plan update. –.The material has been put together into a small booklet, which will be finalised shortly.


The Charity Commissioners are happy that any decision is made as per the Underway Meade (Combe St.Nicholas Parochial Trust) Constitution. It could be disposed of as per the Constitution and then approved by the Charity Commissioners. The Trust are meeting next week to finalise their decisions, prior to the AGM to be held in 8th May, when they are obliged to tell residents about its future. Grass keep lets, to help cover the costs of insurance, etc. were discussed. Various wildlife/conservation organisations have been approached, but the area is not big enough for their requirements.

 If the area was sold, (ie.for development), it would be worth a lot of money, but it would not necessarily go to the highest tender, the asset could be given to an organisation with similar aims and objects as the current Trust. There will be no cost for drawing up the tender information.

 The public liability insurance is due at a cost of £298, and it was resolved again by Parish Councillors to pay this (under section S.137)

102/13-14 HIGHWAYS

  1. Following recent spates of flooding in Knighshute, Wessex Water has confirmed that this was due to water being discharged from the Pole Rue Water Board site. They are now investigating various ways to stop this and levels have been lowered. When they contact John White again with the results, he will ask for a meeting with Councillors.

  1. Pretty Oak junction – Work will begin on 1st April to improve the junction. The road will be closed for 7 days while this is carried out..

  1. Woolhayes Lane. No further decisions as archive information from County Legal team.awaited.


A new lock system has been installed. Thanks extended to Mr.Stonex. Everyone is pleased with the new board.


The recent forms submitted to S.S.D.C.re the registration of `right to bid` scheme re Combe Wood Rec.Field confirmed that status is registered as recreational uses.. It was also discussed that this scheme should possibly be registered regarding the Green Dragon/Village shop/ Allotment field.in case these areas are sold privately and closed in future. Details of Combe Wood Rec.Field also to be given to Nigel Pearson in order he may obtain any information re possible future sale.


Invitation from the Mayor of Chard to join the St.Georges Day celebration Parade through Chard on Sunday 27th April.

106/13-14 Police -

107/13-14 FINANCE

The following payments were checked and agreed.

Mrs.A.Hunt (Exp, tel. and computer allowance £32.80

Mr.Ian Stonex (Notice board expenses) £26.40

 Village Hall (3 PC mtgs + 1 Parish Plan mtg) £56.00

Rob Grimmond (repay 123-reg Website renewal) £51.44 

Combe St.Nicholas Parochial Trust (Underway Meade) £300.00

Community Council for Somerset (sub.due 1.4.14) £35.00


A meeting to be requested again with Royal Mail to see if the post box can be moved from The Green to a safer position, nearer the Post Office.









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